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‘Chup Raho’, One Of the Finest Pakistani Dramas

I don’t normally watch Pakistani dramas as most of them showcase a woman’s character in a rather sensationalized demeanor. However, there are a few exceptions. Nowadays it’s all about an evil mother-daughter pair constantly conspiring against the third party or should I say, ‘mother-in-law.’

I haven’t seen a single newcomer in Pakistan’s film industry. It is either Moammar Rana in a television show or Shaan Shahid in almost ‘all’ the Lollywood movies. Having said that, I recently came across a thriller drama entitled Chup Raho that airs on ARY Digital every Tuesdays at 8 PM. The show stars Sajal Ali, Jibran Syed, Feroze Khan and Arjumand Rahim. ‘Chup Raho’ focuses on the life of an innocent young woman, Rameen (played by Sajal Ali) who is sexually abused by her brother-in-law. She is forced to keep silent by her mother and has no one to turn up to.

Although the drama is not as high-tech as compared to the rest of the shows but it certainly has a catchy story line. Unquestionably, ‘Chup Raho’ is the only drama currently on air that sheds light on a very important social issue such as sexual abuse. I am certain that some people would be rather familiar with this phrase but most natives residing in the rural districts of Pakistan have no idea what ‘abuse’ really means. Even if I were to enlighten them about this serious matter, I am certain they would say ‘Chup Raho’ to my face. Oh well!

We, being the citizens of Pakistan, ought to educate ourselves about such critical affairs. If I were to talk about sexual abuse with my friends, I am sure most of them would turn their backs on me.  But sexual abuse has no boundaries. People often envision a girl being strangled by a man when the issue of sexual abuse is highlighted. Nowadays, it’s the other way around.  Young boys are being raped and abused by mid aged men. The sad thing, however, is that we neglected such bitter realities while juggling our own problems.

We, as humans, have failed to consider sexual abuse as a social concern. If a young girl or a boy is raped by a mid aged man, our people would never exhibit their sentiments on a media platform. They would probably be more concerned about their self-respect and dignity. But what about those victims who have been abused?  Are they some cheap toys who rapists can easily play with? Aren’t they entitled to justice?  I strongly believe that an issue as important as sexual abuse shouldn’t be outlawed from our society.

Instead of catching the culprit, we hold our loved ones responsible for the whole situation. This is indeed, unfair for the person who has been sexually abused. For those who have not seen ‘Chup Raho’, I strongly recommend you watch this drama. It is gradually pacing up every week. Being a supporter of child abuse and sexual harassment, I believe our people should enlighten themselves about such an issue. If we fail to address it, then we don’t deserve to call ourselves human beings.

Click here to watch the drama online.

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