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Innocent Killing In Kashmir

A message on my what’s app popped up, an sms tune rang, making me alert, two youths belonging from Nowgam area were killed by unknown persons. I was busy and I ignored this. Later on I opened Facebook; read two innocent Kashmiris have been killed by so called Jawans of Hindustan army.  I quickly followed the link and read:-

“Two Innocent were killed by Indian army”

“Two innocent Kashmiri young boys were killed and two others were critically injured after soldiers of Indian army 53 battalion Rashtriya rifles opened fire on a car in Chattergam area of Budgam district”.

I was shocked and numb while reading the brief version of the story. My eyes were filled with tears.

The brief version of story states that:-

“The incident took place at chattergam chowk in chadoora area of central kashmir’s budgam district. The army had set up a vehicle check post at the chowk. The so called jawans opened fire on Maruti 800 resulting in death of two youths on spot”.

We all know when friends meet, they all start having fun with each other. There was no curfew today and four friends from Nowgam area of Budgam district planned for a drive, they all were busy, one of them was busy, chatting with his girl on what’s app, another one changing the rock music, and the other two want just a drive. All of these were teasing each other. There were many stores and teasing each other is common  between friends. One of them was hungry and he scolded others for food. They laughed at this and told pay from your pocket. The car stopped on nearby shop and they bought packets of chips and some cold drinks. On shop they heard people talking some myths, laughing loudly which also made them laugh.

They were happy and they started talking about their girlfriends. The market was having unusual rush. They drove fast, passing the nearby shop where they had bought chips and cold drinks, increasing the volume of music player. While reaching the chattergam chowk, they saw army persons gathering from one side of the road to another. The car was on high speed, beats on speaker were playing fast.

There was no cordon by the army, they were not asked to show their identity card, they ignored the army interference and focused on teasing each other and were busy in taking a sip of cold drinks. The car passed vehicle check post, just over a second, army persons opened fire on car resulting death of two boys among them. This incident caught media’s attention and whole news sparked in Kashmir. Throughout Kashmir people came out on the streets, everywhere people raised their voice against the killing of two youths. When this news got to the Indian media,attention the lines got changed:

Times of India states:-

“Terrorist attack in Kashmir: 2 militants killed while two army Jawans injured”

Arnab’s Times Now (nation wants to know) states:-

At least two soldiers were on Monday (November 3) killed and two others injured as militants opened fire on a vehicle checking party of the army in central Kashmir’s Budgam district. “Four soldiers were injured in the firing incident at Chattergam in Budgam district today.

With the lack of knowledge Indian media tagged innocent boys as terrorists. From 90’s to till date Indian army had just spread terror among masses. Not only Indian army but also Indian media is responsible for their horrific attacks on Kashmir. As usual the ministry will ordered high level inquiry, but all in vain.

Indian bureaucrats chant about human rights violation across the globe, I am surprised why they are silent on such incidents.  The recent incident was just a demo, of how actually Indian army had killed innocent people in Kashmir since 90’s.

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