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As our hearts go cold

The familiar news of an explosion broke out on the calm evening of the second day of November. The sounds of sirens erupted all across the capital of Punjab. As families who are no longer a stranger to tragedies, prepared to go through all the details of another attack on their nation.

The working men and woman were just in time to witness the attack’s mystery to unfold. Perhaps it was a coincidence that the explosion took place just when the citizens of Pakistan were returning from their day work, or perhaps it was pre-planned. In order to ensure that no one missed another episode of “An attack on Pakistan”.

Glued to the television screens and watching without blinking an eye these Pakistani families are not watching any reality show or their cricket team facing India’s. They see with great curiosity, their homeland burn once again.

Due to the regularity of these events Pakistanis are now well acquainted to the sight of ashes, craters, women and children crying and dead bodies.

If the objective of the suicide bomber was to inflict emotional damage on the people of Pakistan through the spread of terror, he disintegrated in vain.

As witnessing terrorist activity becomes a part of one’s routine, Pakistanis now find the news of a tragic suicide explosion monotonous. We due to the constant exposure to terrorism have become immune to it’s emotional effects.

In simple words we simply do not care anymore.

The attack on Wagha will soon become a topic of discussion in drawing-rooms all across the nation. As uncles and aunties will look to provide an expert analysis about what has happened. Some will blame our neighbour from the east, others will hold the “Muslim brothers” from North Waziristan responsible and a few will come up with far stretched conspiracy theories. Sadly it is known to many that our public has a weak memory and we shall soon forget all about these events.

It is to be noted that the mourning period is longer in the major cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Attacks in provincial capitals like Peshawar and Quetta always manage to somehow escape the notice of many of the eighteen million inhabitants of our country.

Like the attack on the Marriott Hotel, the FIA building and the countless terrorist attacks across Pakistan have been forgotten about and the families of the victims continue learn to live without them, it is very unfortunate to say the effected people of the Wagha attack might share the same fate.

As the Pakistani’s prepare to start another day at work, a young  brainwashed boy zips up a suicide jacket ready to take the lives of another dozen of my countrymen.

The confused Pakistanis maintain their routine as our hearts go cold.

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