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PPP and PML-N – two sides of the same coin

When a sea of people in the leadership of Imran Khan topped up the streets of Islamabad in August 2014, began mounting pressure on Nawaz Sharif to tender resignation, and demanded the formation of an independent commission to investigate the rigging fraudulently carried out on a large scale last year, at this crucial time PPP and other small parties succoured PML-N government otherwise Nawaz would have buckled under extreme pressure and his incompetent government would have collapsed. These parties dubbed that move as a ‘constitutional drive’ to save ‘democracy and system’ from derailment. Opposition leader, Khurshid Shah, of Pakistan People Party, not only impelled Nawaz Sharif to continue but subserved his incompetent government.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Maulana Fazl-e-Rahman, Asfandyar Wali Khan and Aftab Sherpao also took part in that ‘crusade’ to save ‘system and constitution’ allegedly threatened by Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. Their demagogueries on the floor of parliament to back up Nawaz government in the name of saving ‘democracy and system’, were actually not for really rescuing it but was a desperate attempt to preserve the status quo and resist change which is detrimental to their interests and survival. Khurshid Shah, one of these, assured Nawaz Sharif of his support, backing and loyalty. “How critical the situations may turn up in that whole mess, I will support ‘system and democracy”, he bragged. His skulduggeries on the floor of parliament, fawning over Nawaz Sharif, and disparagingly looking down on justice movement of plebeians, reflects the mind of political elites and their disdain for common people.

Even Asif Ali Zardari came on the scene from Dubai to rescue the ‘system’ and bestow upon his ‘arch-rival’ valuable suggestions and even to salvage his sunken ship. The government’s strategy against the sit-ins – wait and see – might be the brainchild of Zardari. They both came down on Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri for creating ‘mess’ and ‘disorder’ for the ‘popular democratic government’ of the people. They feared if this ‘democratic government’ overthrown ‘undemocratically’ and ‘unconstitutionally’, their dynastic rule will be rolled back and they will be held accountable for the looted-wealth of poor people of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif backed up by these stooges, boasted about that, “I would never resign and would continue ‘serving’ the people of Pakistan”. He further asserted that “I will uphold the cause of ‘democracy and system’ even though surrounded by ‘undemocratic forces’ in the capital”.

People are politically aware now and saw how Zardari came to Pakistan to save the ‘system’ from derailment. It is this system which aided Zardari and his government to the fullest extent. The PPP government is rightly criticized for being corrupt. I hail from Upper Dir district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Najm Uddin was federal minister from Upper Dir district in the previous PPP government. I personally know how widespread corruption did by his henchmen in Upper Dir. If his henchmen did corruption in million, so it’s evident that he would have done in billion. This ‘system’ is beneficial to Zardaris and Sharifs. So rescuing it was essential and Asif Zardari’s arrival in Pakistan from Dubai, marked the beginning of a new friendship between the two dynastic families who have ravaged the lives of Pakistani people and made them mental-patients. But there is a limit to patience and now it will be difficult for Zardaris and Sharifs to fool the nation in the name of democracy furthermore. People have raised to the call of Imran Khan for a new Pakistan where there will be just and a fair system for the common people who have been yearning for it since 1947.

These ‘democratic leaders’ have common interests, they come into power to – ‘serve the people’ (fleecing them and sucking their blood), ‘saving the system’ (consolidating their own system of looting), ‘upholding constitution’ (legislating to constitutionalise their crimes and suppress the masses), ‘rule of law’ (making sure that public is obsequious and subservient to them), and ‘providing justice’ (anguishing and tormenting them in the archaic court system).

Khurshid Shah used to utter braggingly outside and inside the parliament stressing the ‘stooges’ to unite and save the ‘system’ and uphold the ‘constitution’. Shah’s unswerving stance led to splitting of PPP’s senior leaders belonging to Punjab and Sindh, and the ongoing political mess also polarised them into two groups – one from Punjab, opposing Nawaz government and wanting judicial investigation into the last year rigging – and the other from Sindh, siding with PML-N government and rescuing the ‘system’.

Imran Khan’s sit-in in Islamabad cleared up the position and showed the public the obnoxious faces of status quo and anti-public leaders. What they call a ‘system’ is actually a system of looting and suppressing the poor people in the name of so-called democracy. For this ‘system’ they unite and struggle regardless of their differences. Parliament in literal sense is nothing but a ‘house of thugs’ where robbers meet and discuss ways how and to what degree loot the poor people of Pakistan. It’s a forum for robbers where they devise strategies and mechanisms how to maintain their dynastic rule, take turns, loot the exchequer, avoid tax and formulate laws which benefit them.

For these robbers it’s ‘democracy’ and ‘system’ but for poor lots, it’s an oppressive and cruel system, having being imposed on them by the political elites since 1947. China, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea had come into being couple of years after Pakistan; see how developed, progressive and economically strong they are nowadays. Why Pakistan is not on a par with these nations? It’s largely because of dynastic rule, military dictatorship, political elitism and of course the nonexistence of a true justice system.

PTI’s strategy of spreading the movement across the whole country, made political elites’ hair stand on end. A massive Jalsa in Karachi panicked the status quo forces to such an extent where most of the politicians mutteringly avowed the street power of PTI and its ability to mobilise the masses against this corrupt system. PTI’s Lahore Jalsa, a national record, was a severe psychological blow for the ruling government and its coalition partners. Its shock waves are still being felt in the entire country. Further rallies in Mianwali, Multan, Sargoda and Gujrat helped in awakening the masses for their rights.

Public has been matured politically thanks to Imran Khan’s sit-ins and massive rallies across the country. They recognized the obnoxious faces of status quo leaders. They cannot tolerate Bhuttoes and Sharifs furthermore. Those two families ‘served’ them fully and now it’s time that they must be kicked out. Z. A. Bhutto nurtured in the nursery of General Ayub. He is also mainly responsible for the splitting of Pakistan. He became prime minister of Pakistan and eventually hanged for issuing orders to assassinate Ahmad Raza Kasuri in his reign. Benazir Bhutto, daughter of Z. A. Bhutto, became prime minister twice and ‘served’ the people. She was assassinated in December 2007 and succeeded by her husband, Asif Ali Zardari as president of Pakistan and chairman of PPP. Zardari ‘fully served’ the masses as well his two prime ministers. Now his son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, appeared on the political scene and is bragging to no avail here and there. Similarly Nawaz Sharif reared up in the nursery of General Zia ul Haq. He also ‘served’ the people of Pakistan twice. To ‘serve’ the people for the third time, he amended the constitution; and last year did massive rigging and became prime minister for the third time. He is the prime minister of the country, his brother, Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab, his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, the chairperson of Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme, and his dozen of relatives as provincial and federal ministers – is this a democracy? No, it’s a monarchy and a dynastic system being run in the name of ‘democracy’ by Sharifs and Bhuttoes.

It’s quite clear that PPP and PMLN are the two sides of the same coin. They take turns as agreed upon by themselves and loot the people ruthlessly. Whenever public or honest leaders voice against their corruption and their oppressive system, they begin cry that ‘system and democracy’ is in danger. Lanat ho esi jumhoriat per! They have imposed a self-styled dynastic system in Pakistan to ‘serve’ the people. Public endured their dynastic rule for so long and it’s now time to kick them out from the political scene. They looted the national treasury mercilessly and transferred the looted-wealth to Swiss banks. Even PPP sacrificed its prime minister for not writing a letter to reopen the corruption cases against Zardari. Imran Khan and his rallies played a significant role in awakening the masses against this corrupt and oppressive dynastic system. Winning of a PTI-backed independent candidate in bye-election of Multan is an evidence that people don’t want Zardaris and Sharifs furthermore. People suffered too much at the hands of these two families which are corrupt to the core and sucked the blood of poor people in the name of so called democracy for so long. Enough is enough, people can’t tolerate their system of looting furthermore. Imran Khan has showed us the obnoxious faces of these so called democratic leaders and their ulterior motives. They come in to power and run businesses while disguised themselves as public leaders. Imran Khan’s sit-ins have choked off the government’s overt corruption to a certain extent. He has grabbed these robbers by the neck and we appeal to him to press on and never let them go. Whole nation is with you and support your cause for Naya Pakistan. Keep it up. Allah aap ka hami wa nasir hon!


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