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5 Reasons why Married Women should be hired

No, this does not mean I am against employers hiring single women. At the moment, my discussion revolves around‘why married women make good employees’ (not saying better, no comparison intended).

I’m a staunch supporter of married working women. And if you’re sitting at the hiring end, before throwing those CVs down the shredder, peruse through the reasons below. Trust me you won’t regret it. Out of the many, I’ve shortlisted only the significant ones as to why a married lady will make good employee:

  • Knows the value of money
    Being exposed to the ghar k kharchey and the need to manage finances in a limited budget, she will know the value of money far more than other birds in the nest. She would also know how to optimize on resources and get things done in limited budgets, because back at home she has taken care of kids’ never ending demands, incurred costs of uncalled for daawtein and uninvited guests.
  • Wasting time? Not an option
    A married woman would usually have a work-life balance and will try to accelerate her work pace so to leave for home earlier. She would be picked up after work and would ideally want all her due tasks to be completed by the end of the day. She is already bombarded with work at home and doesn’t have time to take office work back. ‘Late-sittings’ is a word not in her dictionary. But guess what? The ideal candidate would be a married woman if you are a decent employer who believes in work-life balance [she doesn’t really have a life of her own; this is just for the sake of the argument].
  • Can survive in any office environment
    No matter how terrible your work place is, she will always find it better than her habitat then. After susraal, every woman finds refuge in wherever she can be accommodated. So yes, even if you shout at her and slam doors behind, she will take that shit from you [she’s quite used to that kind of maahol].
  • Diplomatic and Smarter Approach
    Time and again; a married woman has been subjected to mockery and has been a part of vicious domestic political cycles. This employee of yours will resultantly try to have a better, smarter and more diplomatic approach at work. She will handle your clients well and will generate good leads for your business [putting her learning to use].
  • Genuine reasons for a day off
    Even though a married woman would seem to be taking more offs (husband’s sickness, ghar ki daawatein, kids’ mishaps etc.), she would usually prefer a day away from home and away from in-laws. A married lady will always look for ways to escape her home (read ‘the house of her husband and her in-laws) to get away from family politics. She will show up every day and even if you call her on weekends, she’ll try to manage that. You don’t have to worry about her coming up with excuses to flee work.

Cutting the discussion short, just one advice for all employers out there: hire a married woman. If not for the reasons mentioned above, then for the love of drama. You’ll get a taste of Star Plus within your office premises, a fair share of gossip and entertainment, and you can create a work place just the way you like it. In addition to that, it will give her a break and that can be your contribution to the community; a win-win situation.

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