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Dialogue: Pakistan, Afghanistan & India

This joint discussion between ARY, NDTV & Tolo was a unique experiment of connecting Panels and Town Halls between three different cities in South Asia i.e Islamabad, Delhi and Kabul. We will put it on air at 10pm – 12pm, Thursday, 30th Oct. I am off to Oxford for an Event and will join in Friday’s program from Oxford University.

Dialogue/Goftugu as Afghan Anchor & CEO Tolo Channel – Lutfulluh Najafizadeh wanted to refer to it, show by us will be substantively different from the one shown by NDTV. Their actual content is less than 47 minute out of a recording of more than 100 min. We have edited it to around 70 minute so you will see a much fuller and lively debate. This will ease the concerns of many in Pakistan who think that Pakistani Panelists were not articulate enough. It only looked because most of their cogent comments got edited out by NDTV due to shorter time available to them.

Also we have added the documentary evidence from international and Indian papers of many things which were said by Pakistani panelists in an off the cuff discussion. For instance when Asad Umar referred to Brahamdagh Bugti living in Kabul (Amarullah Saleh was deliberately misleading when he referred to Switzerland, because Brahamdagh was kicked out from Kabul to Switzerland under Pakistani pressure in 2010, and Saleh was the NDS Chief who probably allowed Brahamdagh to continue his violent activities from Kabul) or Lateef Mehsud of TTP being courted by Afghan Intelligence and arrested by Americans or Fazlullah of TTP operating from Kunar and Nooristan or TSD Units of Indian military operating against Pakistani interests. We have added these evidences because many not informed thought that references made by Air Marshall Shahid Lateef or Asad Umar were not accurate.

In fact both of these were the only panelists who spoke with facts. Most others spoke with popular generalizations. Having said this no one can match the overall boldness and vision of Mani Shankar Ayer of Indian Foreign Office and Congress. He without question represented the soul of South Asia – a tall visionary who earnestly looked for solutions all his life. We salute him.

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