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Kashmir and Khalistan: Tragic Point of London Trafalgar Square Million March

Thousands attended million march held on 26th October 2014 on Trafalgar Square London. It was organised by former AJK Prime Minister and Central Leader of Pakistan People’s Party, Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chuahdry and addressed by Lord Nazir, Sikh leader and Bilawal Bhutto. When I reached there I had no limit of joy and considering myself lucky to become part of Kashmir independence movement, people came there with families holding slogans of Kashmir and AJK flags, Trafalgar Square converted into a picnic point in hours and people were enjoying food and conveying their message in their own ways. This type of major event on Kashmir issue had never been held in London in history. Indian BJP government and Foreign Minister, Shusma Sauraj did her best to convince UK government not  to allow Kashmiri’s to organize this march by threatening it could hurt India-UK relationship but all in vein . They were scared in this way Kashmir issue will be highlighted in front of the world and pressure will ultimately come on them.

Suddenly this peaceful million march become violent, what unpleasant happened on that day is due to these two mistakes of management. First mistake was by allowing Singh leaders to address in Kashmir million march. It was not related to Khalistan as Kashmir million march was purely organised for self-determination of Kashmiri’s and to highlight the barbaric act of Indian armed forces on Kashmiri’s. It was looking odd when during his speech Sikh leader announced we will run Kashmir movement together. It’s totally illogical and shameful act of organizers to call him to address on this historical event. It was disgraceful to allow him to compare Kashmir movement with Khalistan. I am astonished no voice was raised on media and on social networks facebook or on twitter on this issue.  There is nothing common between Khalistan and Kashmir. They have deployed 7,00,000 armed forces in Kashmir not in Indian Punjab to end Khalistan movement. There is no Armed forces Special Power Act for Singhs which enables Indian army to abduct any person any time, rape any women, and search any home and to kill innocent Kashmiri’s without any proof.

When Bilawal Bhutto came on a dice with Asifa ,  participants chanted “Go Bilawal Go” , “Go Zardari Go ” even they chanted “Go Nawaz Go ” in minutes this peaceful protest converted into a violent protest as they were not expecting Bilwal on that historical day . People started throwing empty bottles on him and he had to limit his speech and leave the venue. This was another mistake did by management of this million march. As participants came there to listen about Kashmir not to Bhutto zindabad,  Balawal zindabad. Indian media which don’t miss anything going against Pakistan and Kashmir soon after this incident live broadcasted Bilawal Bhutto booted off on Kashmir million march.

In a concluding note I would like to say organizers much learn lesson from these mistakes to avoid it happen in future. There is no comparison of Kashmir with Khalistan. If this million march’s basic purpose was to use it as a launching pad for the career of Bilawal Bhutto the result is in front of them. This incident caused humiliation of Pakistan in front of international media and to gave them a chance to observe us a polarized and politically divided society. This incident also diverted the attention of international media from main issue towards political division inside Pakistan.

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