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The Blackest Day of Kashmir’s History

27 October comes in history with two different sides for two different nations. For one it is a day of celebrations, and for another nation the same day is termed as Blackest Day of the history.

27 October comes in history with two different sides for two different nations. For one it is a day of celebrations, and for other it is the Blackest Day of the history. Yes, this is the day when India illegally occupied Kashmir, throwing away all the International Regulations and Partition Plan of 1947 in which Pakistan & India were separated as two independent states. The partition that resulted into the existence of Pakistan, was actually because of the fact, that Hindu and Muslims were two different nations, and because of the cultural and religious differences, these two nations cannot live together.

The Partition Plan, which was implemented by British Raj had divided India into two sovereign states, Pakistan & India. Both the communities Muslims and Hindus were given the choice to join their desired state, whether India or Pakistan. Kashmir was a Muslim state and Kashmiris had the right to join Pakistan, but India forcibly occupied Kashmir on 27 October 1947, denying the genuine right of Kashmiris to join Pakistan. The day, which India call as “Accession Day” is embarked as “Black Day” in history of Kashmir.

It is important that Kashmir was declared as disputed territory in 1948 by United Nations as Kashmiris did not accept India’s illegal occupation. As everyone knows that Kashmir is a Muslim Majority area and the Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan in partition of 1947, but India illegally occupied Kashmir, and Kashmiris started to raise their voice against India’s occupation. In result Indian Army started a special campaign against Muslims of Kashmiris. Indian Army started crackdowns, curfews, killings of Kashmiris, unlawful detainment’s, target killings, misplacement of individuals, attack on Muslim women and killing of persons through encounters.

Human Right activists all over the world, irrespective of their religion, raised their voice against India, and in the favor of Kashmir. UN has declared Kashmir as a disputed territory but hasn’t done anything practical to free Kashmir from India.  Pakistan has tried many times to resolve the Kashmir Issue but India does not reciprocate with Pakistan to reach a solution that is acceptable to Pakistan and Muslims of Kashmir, but no progress has been made in this regard.

Every year Kashmiris observe 27 October as Black day against Indian aggression and unlawful occupation of Kashmir. The day and the struggle of Kashmiris is a loud & clear message to the India that Kashmir rejects India’s occupation and this is the time International community should take a step to resolve the Kashmir issue.  Kashmir is still a disputed territory & Kashmiris are still trying to get their right of self-determining their future.

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