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The Day Bilawal made Pakistan Laugh: October 18th 2014

As Pakistan we are going through much strife. We as a nation need opportunities to have a good laugh whenever we can. The same happened to the whole of Pakistan on October 18th 2014 right under the shade of the mausoleum of the founder of the nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It started when PPP tried to launch their new Chairman Bilawal aka Bhutto but Zardari . Looks like the launch failed. This child which has grown in front of our eyes in the last few years have given us  many hilarious moments but Oct 18th I am sure is the pinnacle of the day where the rest of his enforced political career would be remembered.

It’s a little unethical to make fun of some one but what do you do. If that person comes on the road put up the face of a clown and invite trouble in itself. Sometimes I wonder whose genes he takes because his father Asif Ali Zardari is a wily and is a commanding personality. Is it too much affection given to him by his mother created this individual? For those who like TV must watch Game of Thrones . In that series there is a character called Lysa Arryn (sister of Catalyn Stark) who has a son called Robin Arryn. If you watch the drama and these characters than it would make a lot of sense. I think the first scene when Robin Arryn appeared and his last scene in Season 4 sums it up for those who understand the predicament which Bilawal aka Bhutto Zardari faces today. I am not going to get more personal than this after all he gave me the comic relief the other day and deserve my special respect locked somewhere and the key for which is lost for good.

Seriously I am still laughing remembering the last few weeks of Bilawal’s media presence. He went on criticizing Army and their past Generals and General Pervez Musharraf showing that all the issues of the world are because of them. Whilst Asif Ali Zardari as per my sources have assigned special consultants to get the questionable orientation of his son (?) in order. Why doesn’t he get him a good teacher for giving insight on the true history of Pakistan ? As they don’t teach the same especially his son being brought up amongst the lords in United Kingdom and the books of history at Ghadi Khuda Buksh if there are any, would be one way as PPP has been playing the victim card  all these years without realizing the fact that their style of hooliganism politics has destroyed the strata of political sphere of the nation in the first place.

If Bilawal reads the right history books. He would know that how his Grandfather was the blue eyed boy of General Ayub Khan and how and who he sponsored the formation of his party in the late 60’s.? He would know that it was his grand father who failed to arrive at a political solution which led to the actions in East Pakistan. It was his grand father’s mental hegemony where he told East Pakistan of “Idhar hum aur Udhar tum” here in Nishtar Park which drove the final nail in the coffin as PPP had half the seats won by Awami League at that time. On whose instructions was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto exercising his right to the seat of Prime Minister ship? He should try to find answers to these questions than he would understand that his own grand father who gave a new constitution to the country as the country of Quaid e Azam broke into two because of his politics was the dictator of the first kind. He also should not forget that his Grand Father was the civilian CMLA though being elected through an election which should not have been accepted in the same place as it broke the country into two. I can go on but let him do some hard work as well if he can.

Than I don’t need to remind him the letter which his mother wrote to congress to stall Pakistan as she was thrown out of the government and not to forget his own uncles who were seen as scions of being anti Pakistan. After all of this the confused young man had the audacity of calling General Pervez Musharraf someone who fought many wars whilst his family was looting or plundering or selling Pakistan a Traitor. It’s a shame that some one who has been brought on water that was imported . Who has not even spent enough time in his all lifetime which Gen Musharraf spent behind the enemy lines or fighting the enemy. That individual whose own mother derailed Khalistan Movement by selling the list of supporters of Pakistan to Rajiv Gandhi and his own father who he should ask in the first place had to say Pakistan Khappay in the first place when his mother was killed in 2008 by Taliban’s and came out of the car roof on advise of his own father as many say. How dare he call a patriot like General Musharraf a traitor? If General Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency to dispose or keep the corrupt lot of politicians like Nawaz Sharif and his family out of the echelons of power than I think in my own perspective that envisioning Pakistan First this was a patriotic move. For me Pakistan is first the rest are all guidelines to run the country. What good are the guidelines when 98% of the people of the country are dying of hunger or are committing suicides?

In my view Traitor are those people who sell or loot or plunder the nation. If Bilawal would rotated his neck around him the same day. He could have seen dozens of such people are around him who are traitors in form or another. Then Bilawal goes on to criticize the ongoing Dharnas done by PTI and PAT forgetting that they are also people of Pakistan and their voice and their demands cannot be laughed away at and ignored. He should know by now that he and his likes have no future in Pakistan politics as now people are more aware of their rights and would not tolerate feudal hegemony of their kind. Making joke and fun by this jester of a politician is belittling the 98% people of Pakistan who are victims of their forefathers.

He pointed out at MQM for the woes of Karachi. I have extensively traveled in Sindh and would ask him. What his own PPP has done in rural Sindh since 1971 forget Karachi? Infact by them coming in power they have not only deprived the growth engine of Pakistan of any development but also Sindh and its poor people. Whilst he worries about Karachi why don’t he go in his own rural area without the escort of four dozen vehicles and free the poor Sindhis of slavery. Why the nationalist Sindhis are not with the likes of PPP? Can PPP the party he claims to be a chairman of list down 10 verifiable developments they have done in reality? Apart from just giving the gift of looting and corruption to the people of Sindh especially.

The effort which PPP is putting in Bilawal aka Bhutto Zardari and its rally . If they would have put the same effort in developing Sindh . Forget Karachi for a moment than we all could be living in a better place. I don’t think with new leadership around us there is any room for a mutated Bhutto in today’s time. Pakistanis would not accept any more dynastical politics over them now. They would judge things on merit Inshallah for a better Pakistan.

I am thankful to Bilawal aka Bhutto Zardari for giving us some moments of laughter and not so thankful for the headaches he gave due to his painful style of oratory read from screen on the October 18th 2014. He can be the comic relief of politics for the future but if people like him come into power ever God forbidden would be just another dark day in the history of our country. I think the recent wave of change seen in the nation has no room for such people in the future. I am sure Pakistanis would reject any such effort in the future . Infact soon Pakistanis would be asking Bilawal’s father to return the wealth his family has looted of Pakistan in the last many decades. I am sure that true Sindhis would be knocking the doors of Bilawal House or where ever they live to return the ill gotten wealth of the blood and toil of the people of Pakistan and if not answered than would break their doors down for their own rights.

Pakistanis would not allow any politician who threat to break Pakistan to come in power. Pakistanis would not allow any politician who loot and plunder Pakistan to come in power. I am sure that Pakistanis would not allow any politician who just claim the right of ruling the nation because of his blood line but would elect only those on merit and from amongst them. As we all laughed off the speech of Bilawal aka Bhutto Zardari . We must not forget that if his likes come in power there would nothing but our laughter would turn into tears. Inshallah this would never happen. Pakistan Zindabad!

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