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What PTI has done in KPK?

Bursting over with passion to bring change from the beginning, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) headed government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is showing its presence regarding development work in the provinces. It has been in power for almost fourteen months.

Before discussing what PTI has done so far in KPK, it must be acknowledged that KPK was the most hit province of Pakistan. The region was held under worst terrorism. Lives and properties were not secure. Everything from trade to government was topsyturvy there. Thus, it was like hunting down diamonds from coal mines, when PTI took control over the affairs of KPK.

Now, it can be said that the POLICE is free & depoliticized. Indeed IG of KPK has said there is no political interference in the province. What’s more, he has been given a free hand to do his work. The Peshawar High Court has presented E-Citizens Grievance Redressal System — a new and uniquesystem for justice in Pakistan, through which the public of KPK and tribal zones, particularly the troubled and poor sector of society, would get justice inside hours.

The government has made considerable advancement on the annual development program (ADP) pictured for the financial year 2013-14. There are a few factors, including the lack of payment of funds from the central govt., which have brought about the negligible gain on the ADP.

An officer from the finance department of the Civil Secretariat uncovered that the PTI government has just gotten 25% of the funds allotted to ADP. From the total planned budgetary expense of Rs344 billion for the financial year 2013-14, Rs118 billion was use up for development ventures in KPK.

The health sector has enhanced considerably – patients affirm that doctors are available in the hospitals to attend to their illnesses. KPK govt also experienced severe difficulties about Polio and its struggle, they took care of the issue perfectly and launched a Sehat Ka Insaf program during which every child will also get vaccination against 9 inevitable sicknesses.


Talking about Education, now the teachers are showing up in schools – due to the fear to get removed & newcomers are continuously being hired with a condition that they are not allowed to transfer among districts. Action was making against 605 absent/errant teachers, while 62 were terminated. The whole education system is in the process to be amalgamated to present one educational curriculum for all schools across the province in English.


The stance of IK on local body elections is very clear and we can say that KPK is going to be the first province to hold local body elections in November. We can also say that KPK is the only province, who has presented maximum bills in KPK assembly. Whether, it is about environment, accountability, right of information, conflict of interest bill, right of services, ending VIP culture and many more.  All these bills and laws are to ensure a transparent govt and even hold our own govt responsible on their toes to perform.

We should also admire these bills might potentially expose issues even for PTI in the long run – arandomexpose even got by the media or any government accountability watch dogs will be used to hit at PTI & Imran Khan – yet PTI has been braveto execute these steps to keep itself in check.

By keeping in view all these things, we cannot say that IK and PTI has failed to deliver in KPK. Indeed, they have done so much in this short period, which seems impossible for others.

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