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Open Rigging in By-Elections Multan NA-149

Open Rigging in Multan Elections captured by TV Cameras & Implications. Many must have seen how ARY TV cameras captured this woman going inside the Polling Stations several times and was pushed out by people. Reporter then questions Police Constables, both Male Officers and Lady Police Officers and even the Presiding Officer who all admit that this woman has been going inside the Polling Station again and again (where she tells women voters whom to vote) and has been warned but she does not stop. What can we do?Police Officers pose the counter-question to our reporter.

So what does this tell us? Why Police is helpless? At how many places this must be going on at this moment and will keep on happening throughout the day? There are 286 Polling Stations across Multan, TV cameras, Election Monitors, Observers cannot reach everywhere. I always laugh when I hear the EU observers making this outlandish claim that Elections 2013 did not have massive rigging because they or their teams and partners did not see it. Ha Ha! Now look this is just one constituency, and has 286 Polling Stations, and even if all Pakistani media try they wont be able to cover with cameras all polling stations for 10 hours in one city. So what to talk of 70,000 Polling stations across 900,000 square kilometers of Pakistan?

If Police watches in helplessness sitting outside the Polling Stations then it also watches helplessly when votes are stamped by one polling agent or official in hundreds, when ballot boxes are stuffed, when Statements of Count (Form-14) are not issued, or issued on plain paper, or issued without signatures, without stamps, without CNIC of Presiding Officers and Police watches helplessly when Returning Officers create new Statements of Count on Official Forms which then become the basis for Form-17 and the final results.

This is what happens in Elections in a country where powerful elite control Police, District Administration and Presiding Officers from Education Department and other staff of Election Commission – I wonder What is Election Commission doing now? Will they at least explain why Police outside Polling Stations is unable to stop this rigging going on?

Open Rigging in Multan By-Elections NA-149 by arynews

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