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Bilawal, control your ‘Namaloom Afraad’

Just posterior to the politics of long-marches and sit-ins, Pakistani politics has been embarked on the season of public gatherings. Neither, PTI and PAT, both could achieve their promised goals nor these forces could send Nawaz Sharif’s Government home. Though, both have succeeded to undermine Nawaz’s image by making ‘Go Nawaz Go’ slogan viral. Firstly, PTI staged gathering in Karachi to display public power and interestingly Imran Khan and his party leaders didn’t utter a single word against MQM instead they lambasted PPP. In Karachi’s convention, Imran Khan had announced, “Next target is interior-Sindh, I am coming to give interior Sindh people freedom”. Thereupon, media and political parties (especially PPP and PML-N) depicted PTI Karachi gathering as ‘secret alliance’ with MQM. Surprisingly, none of anyone from PTI or MQM defied such reports regarding secret alliance. Not with standing, we had already discerned the rising heat from PPP’s dugout. In due course, PPP disclosed a public gathering in the retaliation of Imran Khan’s statement in the same city – Karachi and officially claimed that people from all four provinces would come to attend it and it would be the historical ones.

Namaloom Afraad:

Still and all, I am not castigating PTI or PPP for staging political rallies in Karachi but I opted to write for some disturbing reasons.

Following weekends, including my father and people of Karachi went their offices but sadly they faced hectic environment while returning back to home. When my father reached MA Jinnah road/Numaish, the business road had been sealed up and PPP’s masked men contingents were barricading people forcibly. I don’t know why they were hiding their faces but they were misbehaving people too. As resulted, adjacent Garden and Saddar roads were jam-packed. The crunching question is, “Why has PPP quarantined Karachi-iets just prior week to its Jalsa?”


Media reported that traders and businessmen have also been browbeaten by some Namaloom Afraad (unknown miscreants) and they have been terrorized to close their businesses until 18th October’s gathering wouldn’t come to a head. O Bilawal, who are these Namaloom Afraad and why are they threatening common citizen? Bilawal, will you or PPP-led Sindh government take swift action against these black hats?

In other news, PPP labor division of SITE area has issued ‘notification letters’ to all industries. It has been told in those letters to ensure presence at gathering site and attendance of industries’ workers would be taken there.

Misuse of state machinery:

PPP, the sloganeer of democracy is massively abusing the state machinery of Sindh Government blatantly just for the sake of the rally. Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) sports complex has been earmarked for PPP workers (who are reaching Karachi from interior Sindh and across the country) to stay for rally. Toilets are also being made in the same sport complex.

On a lighter note, school’s administrators are also being pressurized to shutdown schools on 17 and 18 October. Holiday has been declared for municipality corporations in Karachi, beyond doubt, KMC workers are also been asked to join Jalsa on 18th Oct.

People from interior Sindh are also being brought in Karachi for convention. PPP local office-bearers and leaders promised them that they will become domiciled in Karachi.

To a large extent, all leading roads of Karachi city including MA Jinnah road, Shahra-e-Faisal (especially Karsaz side), Punjab chowrangi and others have already been fenced in. It’s highly perturbing that Karachi police chief isn’t holding any press conference regarding illegal blockade of Karachi’s leading roads. I was expecting that he would definitely come out to condemn such hooliganism and he would order law enforcers to remove barricades and open roads. Nevertheless, we didn’t see any action.

Karachi under siege:

Karachi has been transformed as Israeli occupied Palestine (Gaza) and occupied Kashmir. Seems like, curfew has been imposed in Karachi for PPP’s forthcoming public rally and people’s movements have been embargoed. People have been barred from standing on their roofs and windows. In this response, Karachi police has already distributed ‘security survey forms’ in the neighborhoods .

The glimpse of survey form
The glimpse of survey form

Here and now, guests are not allowed in the residences around gathering spot; the reason is that PPP-led government has put ban on guest’s arrival. On that account, citizens can not entertain guests from 16th to 19th October.

The lies of Jiyalas:

If PPP claims that it’s all happening just for the sake of Bilawal’s security then why did Bilawal Zardari tweet that he was not getting any terrorist’s threats? Why did Bilawal tweet that media was spreading fabricated news regarding threats and security risks?

It’s confusing that who’s saying right either PPP-Sindh or Bilawal? Last days, Bilawal’s PPP-led Sindh government had issued home department’s letter warning of possible attack on Bilawal. PPP’s newbie political head should consult his party first then tweet any adventurous tweets. If we deem Bilawal as right then question arises, what is the reason behind Karachi-siege? Is Karachi Bilawal’s kingdom? Should we have to assume that Karachi isn’t the vote bank of PPP, that being so people of Karachi is being jailed in their houses and threatened public? I want to get answers that who will justify these PPP’s irksome stances?


In the end, I will ask Bilawal to control his Namaloom Afraad; your Bilawal House is mapped in Karachi, Karachi isn’t delineated in your Bilawal House. This is the city of light – Karachi, not your Kingdom.

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