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Political awakening of the masses from deep slumber

The people of Pakistan, particularly the downtrodden and middle class, are awakening .Progressively by the call of Imran Khan. A downtrodden proletarian struggle for justice is .Getting momentum gradually and steadily. The four massive Jalsas of PTI in Karachi, Lahore Mianwali and Multan have sent shock waves in both houses of Parliament, stunned political elites, and brought a positive upheaval across the whole country. The status quo forces have united against what they deem a serious threat for their survival, luxurious life style and extravagant living, and struggling hard to forestall it. They couldn’t succeed in nipping it in the bud and it’s now too late to get in the way of political awakening of the masses.

Masses have unlimited power but they are invariably disorganized, in disarray, lacking true and honest leadership, and a good strategy and planning. On the other hand the political elites are not only united but they do whatever they can to fend off ‘negative changes’ to the current system of status quo. They use different tactics to suppress the people, continue the existing state of affairs regardless social and political issues and to suck the blood of poor people. If true and honest leadership, a clear-cut and well-defined strategy, and an objective agreed upon by them, get available to the masses, they can sweep away the current corrupt, exploitative,rotted and unjust system.A dynastic system has been running the affairs of the country in the name of ‘democracy’ for  quite a long time. They take turns to ‘serve’ the poor masses, provide them the fruits of ‘democracy ‘and ‘alleviate’ their standard of living. This kind of ‘democracy’ has badly failed and couldn’t deliver according to the expectations of the people.

It must be replaced with a new system – a system which can serve the poor masses not the political elites who fleece them in the name of ‘democracy’.The massive street power of PTI has frightened the political elites to such an extent where now opportunists are advising PM to step down and bring revolutionary reforms to the current corrupt system. Couple of days ago, these opportunists were encouraging and advising Nawaz Sharif not to resign at any cost. Now they simply comprehended that common people are wakening irrespective of political affiliation against this decayed and oppressive system. They witnessed the wrath, hatred and massive power of common people in major cities of Pakistan. They also came to the conclusion that common people are rallying behind Imran Khan’s call for change and Naya Pakistan. In Naya Pakistan these corrupt politicians see their existence in danger.

PPP has taken a U-turn seeing the wakening of common people and massive support for PTI among the masses. It’s worried for its own survival seeing its plummeting popularity among the masses and its fortune took a nosedive. Now Khurshid Shah is advising Nawaz to resign and hold mid-term elections. It was this Khurshid Shah who had spurred Nawaz on to continue while ridiculing the sit-ins and movement of common people. Now they are worried for their own survival. Fazlu Rehman and Mehmood Khan Achakzai are also shocked over the arousing of common people and seem perturbed for their future.

Imran Khan emerged on the scene at the right time while speaking the language of the very oppressed people, masses raised to his call and saw for the first time a leader who has the will, determination and ability to remedy their issues genuinely, and now they have the greatest chance ever to get rid of the dynastic rule of Sharif and Bhutto families. It’s a fortunate stroke of serendipity that masses have a leader who is sincere, honest, principled and provided them true leadership and guidance.

 The political elites were gathered in the parliament how to avert the current political turmoil created by the incompetent, and people’s mandate-stolen government of PML-N. They came together and rallied behind Nawaz Government in the name of ‘democracy and constitution’. PPP and PML-N for the last thirty years have been looting the poor masses in the name of so-called ‘ democracy’.

Their days of looting the poor people are now counted. People have recognized their true faces. It sounds that they will not relinquish their oppressive rule until kicked out by revolution of the common people. The populace is arousing from a deep slumber, thanks to Imran Khan whose dharnas and Jalsas played a significant role in creating awareness in the common people for their rights and responsibilities.

Now this movement is spreading, engulfing the whole country, overwhelming the forces of status quo, and more significantly, wearing down the dynastic rule of Nawaz Sharif. ‘Go Nawaz Go’ has become a popular slogan and following the corrupt politicians wherever the VIP culture has also come under extreme wrath, unloading Rehman Malak and Ramish Kumar from PIA’s flight at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, is a glaring example of it. Imran Khan’s struggle and endeavors to enlighten, aware and empower the masses, eventually bore fruit, which he has been striving for the last eighteen years.

People, who say that dharnas of PTI in Islamabad has failed to achieve its intended goals, should know and open their eyes that those dharnas made awakening of he common people possible. Until everyone becomes more aware of their basic rights, PTI will strive to the bitter end. In the prevailing deteriorating political situation, Imran Khan seems the only viable and capable leader who can truly unfetter the people of Pakistan from the slavery of Sharif and Bhutto families. People cannot tolerate their servitude furthermore having a leader amongst themselves who is fearsome, brave, charismatic and a source of encouragement and motivation. Wherever he goes, a large number of people awaits him to get inspiration and guiding light from him. Sit-ins of PTI and PAT in Islamabad gave birth to ‘Go Nawaz Go’ chant, which is now a popular buzzword and a catchy slogan. It’s becoming a serious threat for PML-N Government and is spreading very rapidly. This slogan is a big success of PTI dharna. It seems that ‘Go Nawaz Go’ chant has percolated very successfully and it will eventually collapse Nawaz Government.

Moreover, people are awakening due to these dharnas which is also a big success, and fruit of a ceaselessly continuing struggle against this corrupt system.People who are the opinion that dharnas have failed, must understand that those two dharnas gave a lot to the poor lots of Pakistan. They became politically aware of their rights, got a catchy slogan, and moreover, started a struggle that though seems long and difficult, but eventually will bear fruit. Revolutions don’t occur overnight. It takes time, demands sacrifices, and needs true and honest leadership. It has just begun in Pakistan in the leadership of Imran Khan. And we must understand that change of government is not the solution – whole system must be overhauled and changed – it is the remedy and call of the day, and perhaps the only solution.

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