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Recent Cyber Theft of 56 Million Credit Cards Points toward American Terrorism

Last month a massive credit card breach at Home Depot was uncovered. 56m Credit and Debit Cards were stolen from April to September.

The data theft began in April and the malware remain in the systems of Home Depot for 5 months. Nearly 2,200 US stores of Home Depot were affected due to this breach. It is one of the worst breaches of customer data recorded yet.

Regarding the theft, CE of Home Depot, Frank Blake stated that “The malware is completely removed from the systems”. He also apologized from the “inconvenience and anxiety”.

Two big names in the Security industry Symantec and FishNet are now investigating the malware and its origin. Banks started to replace Credit Cards affected by the theft. Investigating the incident cost 62$ and 27$ would be recovered by insurance payments .The company is also facing many lawsuits in Canada and America as well.

Back in 2013, a similar cyber theft occur at Target – Biggest US retailer in which 40 million Credit/Debit cards and 70 Million addresses, phone numbers and other personal information of their customers were stolen from their mainframes. Only six month earlier, Target spent $1.6 Million to improve their security by installing a “Malware detection tool” by Security Company FireEye, Pentagon and CIA are the customers of same Security firm. Security System detected the Malware attack but security geeks couldn’t respond on time. The attack on Target remained undetected for 19 days. More than 90 lawsuits filed against Target by their customers and different banks for compensating their damage and negligence. Target spent $61 Million on responding this malware attack.

According to a three year survey done by the Verizon Enterprise Solutions, only 31 Companies detects the breach by their systems and in case of Retailers it is only 5%. Companies are focusing more on their marketing policies to earn more instead of safety and security of their customers. Shopping using the Credit Cards is become more dangerous now than ever before. Retailers are now introducing “Chip-and-Pin technology” to compete such attacks.

Security agencies warned the retailers to prepare for more cyber-attacks. A three page report to retailers was describing a “memory parsing” malware that infects point-of-sale (POS) systems. This “memory parsing” software also known as “RAM scrapper.”

According the FBI Report “We believe POS Malware will continue to grow over the near term”. Now the retailers, Banks and Security firms are concerned to protect payment systems after these two attacks. According to the work of FBI on this Malware which is used in these attacks have an auto-upgrade system which makes it tougher for Security companies to identify it. This Malware was also previously available in the black market for sale with $6,000 price. Retailers quickly need to upgrade their security systems and spend some bucks to keep black hats away from their systems to avoid bigger loses of their customers and organization as well. Retailers must keep an eagle’s eye on their traffic and unusual activity to combat such attacks.

According to the US agency FBI, their teams are investigating from small to bigger retailers and the loss is estimated from thousands to millions of dollars. BlackPOS used in this attacked is also known as “Kaptoxa” designed to siphon data at infected point-of-sale systems. All those cards stolen from the Home Depot were available in the Black market for sale all under the same label of “American Sanctions”. Cards stolen from the Target and Home Depot are being sold in the Rescator(DOT)CC in several batches. Nine new batches are available on the Cybercrime Shop for sale. Rescator is the part of Lampeduza which is an Underground forum. Profile of Rescator somehow relates to the anti-western groups and Kaddafi(dot)hk supporters – Late despotic Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi. All these hacks somehow seem to be the payback OP against America and other western countries for their activities in Arab countries. While focusing on Better security systems, America also have to look towards his role in different Arab countries.

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