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India’s violence across the border

Pakistan Army has started a military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan Agency, two months ago.

Pakistan Army has started a military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan Agency, two months ago. Since the operation has remarked success for Pakistan Military, and the terrorist’s activities all over  Pakistan are almost eliminated. As the operation is proceeding successfully, and several signs were found of India’s involvement in supporting Terrorists activities in Pakistan, including Indian currency notes & Indian weapons. India which is always known as worst Enemy of Pakistan, as both countries had two wars, after the separation in 1948. India is also involved in promoting mutiny in Balochistan, and some notorious activities in defaming Pakistan Military & Intelligence agencies. Pakistan is in internal political crisis for over a month now. Zarb-E-Azb on the other side, political typho-mania in Pakistan, has created a very well time for India to divert Pakistan’s attention from the major issues. India can’t afford the success of Pakistan in Zarb-E-Azb, so from the past two months, to alter Pakistan’s attention India has violated the line of control many times. It looks though that Indians can’t bear the heat of Zarb-E-Azb. Consistent shelling by Indian side on Akhnur, Dawar, Gulmerg, Jammu, Dawar and lastly, from Charwah Sectors, has killed many & injured numerous which is actually against the International Laws. UN is still silent, not saying a word against the Indian aggression.

On the other hand, India’s own nuclear assets are not safe. India can’t manage its internal threats & sadly it is violating Pakistan’s peace.  A para-military officer shot and killed three of his colleagues inside a nuclear plant. 400 were killed in a gas leak incident, hundreds of rape cases monthly, and still India is attacking Pakistan, such an irony. It looks like India is trying to keep the cameras of world at the line of control between Pakistan & India, so that none should the news of India’s internal problems, including unsafe nuclear plants. UN should take a notice and they should not grant permanent membership to India. 11 states of India are on stake because of poor security.

Indian firing across the border has killed 9 Pakistanis in Sialkot, few days ago. As we know the major cause behind these violations is success of ZarbEAzb, which started in June. And since June 2014 India has violated ceasefire across the border 93 times, which killed many civilians. In just 2014 India has violated cease fire 140 times, which resulted in 9 death of 9 military officials. As tension along the border increases, Pakistan has written letter to UN secretary General, but UN has not taken any notice.

Pakistan retaliates the unprovoked firing across the border. But the need of hour is that now UN should call up on India & should do something practical for the peace in the region.

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