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Na Maloom Afraad – A total family entertainer

The film is about Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) Moon (Mohsin Haider) & Shakeel Bhai (Jawed Sheikh)

Farhan & Moon are the tenants of Shakeel Bhai & want to make it big in history.

The film is about Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) Moon (Mohsin Haider) & Shakeel Bhai (Jawed Sheikh)

Farhan & Moon are the tenants of Shakeel Bhai & want to make it big in history.

They’re tired of their day to day job.

Shakeel Bhai on the other hand has his own problems. He’s got a sister Naina (Urwa Hoqane) who’s actually the love interest of Farhan but Shakeel Bhai has other plans for her marriage & need money for dowry.

(Sounds like Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega,right?)

Haider & Mohsin already fed up of their jobs are trying to get their hands on at least an amount large enough to live a happy & peaceful life. They also manipulate & make Shakeel Bhai a part of their plan (which is the actual plot) and it also look more like the famous ‘Kabira Speaking’ scene of Hera Pheri where they get an idea to become rich so add that to the list too.

From that moment on starts the game of cat & mouse between our 3 Idiots & the villainous Gogi (Salman Shahid) That takes one turn after another & leaves you smiling, laughing & falling in love with our 3 main leads by the time it reaches its climax.

Revealing more about Salman Shahid’s character would take the fun away. But masses would love him.

The plot is not something we’ve never seen before but debutante Director Nabeel Qureshi (who seem to be totally inspired by Bollywood Comic Capers) execute a brilliant comedy that people of Pakistan would definitely not want to miss.

Even the climax of the film is something that reminds you of Delhi Belly & ends on a note where people came out laughing.

There are a few songs (I’ve never heard any of them before) that goes with the mood & on going situations of film. So it’s a winner in music & background score’s department.

It is not only a comic caper but a film with a much needed message delivered across Pakistan & if that’s being conveyed in a light hearted product then not only the people of Pakistan but the overseas Pakistanis are going to relate to it as well.

Jawed Sheikh’s character is the strongest, cutest & the one that’ll stuck in your mind. No two words about him.


Fahad Mustafa need to work on his acting if he’s trying to make it big in revival of Pakistani Cinema.

Mohsin Haider is the character who, whenever appears, people expect laughter from him & he does complete justice to his character.

Mawra Hoqane is hardly there but she looks extremely adorable especially in the song ‘Darbadar’

A few more films with much stronger roles & she’ll prove herself.

Mahwish Hayat’s item number (although feels forced but is a treat for eyes) she’s got a cameo appearance in 2 other scenes & steals the show with her beauty.

Kubra Khan on the other hand had much greater screen time & even more powerful role than the other 2 ladies & she’s done a good job.

Salman Shahid… well,his character is confusing but you must watch the film because saying anything about him is going to reveal a whole lot.

VFX are good.

The thing that people are going to bring back with them are the dialogues. They’re powerful yet funny.

Usage of Karachi & Lahori slang’s made it even better.

All in all as the makers put a tagline on posters… It’s genuinely a Pakistani entertainer.

A bit inspired (if I should call it) from Bollywood but has its own style & while making you laugh it leaves a question that we the people of Pakistan are still trying to find the answers for.

I’d give it a 3.5/5

So go watch it & enjoy your last day of eid smiling, laughing & with your family.

A total family entertainer”

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