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Do you think Azadi March is a Joke?

Government has no choice but to show that the Azadi March is a joke because if they ever express that as a serious matter then that will be their last day although they are extremely tense and counting their final days of the kingdom. Opposition which benefits from Government also presenting the same attitude as they know that if Imran Khan comes to the power then he will not leave any corrupt politician! Diplomats and foreign countries are also backing the Government as for their own benefits which they incur from the Government.

BUT does it make a difference what those Status Quo thinks? No, because the March is about common people! This is not just the March but the revolution against corrupt politicians. Those politicians are using taxpayer’s money to build their empires in Pakistan and abroad. The country has been captured by the privileged. The government is neither collecting taxes from the rich and powerful nor spending money on the welfare of the people. This March is to create awareness and unite people from all over the country and to make them realize that if they continue to live this way then there is no future of Pakistan. We are going through the worst time of our lives and we want Pakistan to rise again. Basic services are not available such as clean water, medical facilities, electricity, education and many more. A common man cannot afford high electricity, water and gas bills. There is no welfare system in Pakistan where a poor or jobless gets basic support from the Government and this is what exactly Imran Khan wants to bring in to Pakistan!

Imran Khan is a fearless leader. His tremendous amount of determination is unmatchable. His struggle for better Pakistan since last 18 years is incredible. His exceptional tendency to fight when Police strikes the peaceful protestors on August 31st and he had left with very little support. Government including most of the people thought that game of Imran Khan is over, but this man’s attitude was absolutely beyond expectation. He believes in the world of ideology and portrays that in his life. He reemerges in just a couple of days and was able to pull out more than half a million supporters in the Karachi’s demonstration. There are thousands of people going to those demonstrations every day at Azadi Square and across the country knowing the fact that this could be dangerous for them and for their families but they are now become fearless as their leader is!

This is a fight between a Leader and a Dealer. A leader (Imran Khan) is strengthening power of people by leading from the front attitude across every single step he takes such as living in a small container for last 40 odd days, getting his peaceful supporters release from crude action of Police, facing shells full of illegal chemicals along his supporters on August 31st incident, rejecting VIP culture by standing in queues and travelling with normal passengers, no protocol and so on. While a Dealer (Nawaz) is overflowing pockets of his fake followers and showing illegal use of power to save this Kleptocracy. His constant lies in and outside of the parliament has frustrated people and now everyone is saying GoNawazGo.

Imran Khan has awakened people of Pakistan and many of us have already started to push back Status Quo such as Rehman Malik’s case, Sharif’s family case on PIA flight and many more to come. Let’s hope that those incidents spawns a chain reaction that puts ruling elite in their right place. We want the immigration officer of other countries to respect our green passport, we want our children to get the best education within the country and we want the talent of Pakistan to get polished and used for betterment within the country. We want peace and stability in our lives!

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