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Digital Pizza Festival; I’d Like Some Extra Cheese!

You cannot pull a foodie out of pizza or a pizza out of a foodie. It is what they yearn and live for, from one pizza lunch to the other. Here’s a helpful piece of information that would save a lot of ‘awkward moments’ with your pizza loving kith and kin: Pizzas will never be overrated and for all what it is worth, people’s ‘cheesy’ fantasies will only grow to amaze you.

Perhaps a national level agreement to burgeon more pizza joints in the country would bring calm. But before anything else, let’s just resolve to consume more pizzas till that kind of settlement takes place.

Pakistanis, particularly Karachiites can live up to their pizza eating fantasies on 30th September with a promising digital pizza festival which can be tracked here. Why do I say it’s promising? Because for what it seems, pizza in all shapes and sizes is acceptable if you patch a 50% off tag on it. Moreover, if the pizza is coming from your favorite eatery, you would dare say no.

Domino’s Pizza, 14th Street Pizza Co., California Pizza and The New York Pizza are likely to lead the parade but with other great names such as Grub, Pizza Point, Pizza Crust, Crossroadz Pizza, Pizza & Pasta Co., Pizza Club and The Hungry Tummy, one can only anticipate the success of this festival.

In the past, we have never seen something like that happen but as we are accelerating towards a stronger digital presence, it’s only fair that food be incorporated with technology. However, a digital food festival driving similar response as that of traditional go-to eating fests sounds dubious.

Only time will tell if Pakistanis are ready yet to embrace this transition. Meanwhile, I would look forward to peeping through some sweet deals good for my pocket!

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