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Naya Pakistan or Purana Pakistan: Plight of the Nation itself

More than forty days into the Dharna and we are still unable to decide the future of Pakistan… or Naya Pakistan for that matter! Yes we have talked about Inqilab, Azadi and Tabdeeli and yes we have discussed about the corruption and fraudulence of current government. But we are yet to reach any conclusion. Offcourse because until we receive the “isteefaas” the game is not getting over.

What are we going to do with the Naya Pakistan? Is it going to be different from the one that we are at present residing in? If yes how? All these questions have answers, that we have no idea when would be revealed but we are still waiting for.

Obviously all of us have either criticized or supported the ‘Dharna walas’ and either have pinned our hopes to them or wanted them to seriously stop bragging about everything. And amidst all this stage show came the devastating and destructing floods that took our attention to the flood victims and also to the already “displaced internal persons” (remember operation Zarb-e-Azb and the one held in Waziristan). And we started the ho-ha on why are we not intervening for them rather sitting in protest in the capital. The victims and their issues by now are nearly forgotten.

Yup the big issues… issues of corruption, IDPs, and flood victims already have been discussed about a lot and needs our attention, unfortunately that is not happening. And thus reminding any one is fruitless. So let us talk about the small stuff, really very small stuff. What do we want to see in the Pakistan that already exists?

The first thing; sanity in raising our voice against the issues we are facing. Are the dharnas and typically the dharnas that we have seen in last forty days in Islamabad, the real reasonable idea of protesting? Blaming, abusing and calling names against the who’s who of Pakistani politics don’t make one sound too sensible. Does it?

Using gulels, bats, dandas and pathars and burning down electricity bills does really help us in presenting our point of view rightly? And then again what example are we setting by barging into the state buildings, detaining the employees and destroying the assets that are possessions of the nation? What right do we have to destruct our own assets?

For the first time in the recent history we saw a debate in parliament and all the educated ones cheered as we saw some real high action discussion in a place where only blame game had been going on for years. That is at least, the way one should keep their nation related point of views, rather than protesting for days with no results. Where Scotland goes through a referendum to decide its fate; Pakistan remonstrates. If we have rightful issues why not debate them in parliament and prove that our education has taught us impeccably. Dharnas are only making it worse and proving that doing it all in educated manner is a far fetched thought. The awaaz of small problems that Pakistan is facing is only reaching deaf ears. The small problems; let’s have a very small talk on them so that are time is not wasted… for obviously they are not as important to our ‘leaders’!

The terrorism is on its peak and every now and then, there is law and orders situation altered. Families mourn the death of their loved ones and genocides are escalating the split between various factions of our country. Thefts and robberies are on peak and bhatta mafia is having its own way. So life for the ‘aam aadmi’ doesn’t go by without fearing for own and loved ones’ lives.

Mehengaai and poverty are stretching themselves to opposite extremes. We have not been able to pay World Bank and IMF loans for the longest time known. Lack of financial and other resources has led illiteracy; unemployment and child labor become a norm for the lower middle class… not to include the POORS!!! The beggars’ mafia…? Shall we really start discussing that?

Number of rape, physical abuse and murder for dowry cases are yet to reach their final decisions, let alone the ones that have not been reported hitherto. The rise in unsafe environment has given us the gift of declining tourisms and we have since forgotten when it all actually started. Rights of minorities, why would we even consider those?

With the recent floods the crops have all gone destructed and we have no idea when would we able to recover from it. The houses destroyed and people have no makaan on their heads, kapra on their bodies and roti to satiate hunger. Bijli and paani, we are always in a bohraan.

Health care is of the least priority and we need to pat our shoulders on winning the competition of becoming the country with highest number of reported polio cases till date. Maternal mortality, abortions and neonatal death are daily life experiences.
See, the negligible, minor concerns….

The plight of this nation can only end if instead of asking for Naya Pakistan, we mend the broken one we already have. It will become naya after the restoration. Dharnas are only adding up to the troubles.

And while the country waits for the sit-ins to end, one can only think if we can just sit and talk about bringing the tabdeeli aur should get back to our respective homes and works and bring about just the right change through mutual discourse and benefiting actions.

Till then let us see if we go all the way and get “Purana Pakistan’s” name into the Guinness Book of World Records for holding the longest Dharnas in the history of the world.

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