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Why I do not support Imran Khan

After the beginning of Azadi march, there is much debate on who is right and who is not. Some of my friends call Imran Khan a revolutionary person struggling to bring about the much harped on change in country, and some, including myself, are of the view contrary to it. I’m critical of Imran Khan, not because I support PML-N, PPP or any other party, but thanks to his way of politics. I just support democracy; and Imran Khan’s struggle is more for the power than democracy. For this I have been much criticized by his supporters and well-wishers.

Here are some reasons, why I do not support Imran Khan and his “change.”

1- He is a cricketer, not a leader

Eighteen years is enough time for a man for growing from childhood to a mature man. But, alas, after serving time mentioned above in politics, Imran Khan is still a novice at politics. He has more the appearance of a cricketer than of a mature politician. That’s why he talks in cricket terminology for he is proud of being a cricketer as yet. In politics, he thinks, he has not such an achievement as in cricket. Apolitical boys and girls too are behind a cricketer rather than a politician.

Secondly, his focus is not the whole country in which he tries to bring about the change, but only Punjab. In fact, Punjab is the epicenter of his politics. In sindh, captain has a large number of enthusiastic supporters as that of Punjab.  But in last elections, he did not much cared for them. He once came in Karachi, where most of the participant were brought from Punjab, and in Umerkot, where Shah Mehmood has a large number of Mureeds, hence easy to hold a big show. Rest of Sindh was forgotten. A case in point is Quasim Abad PS 47 result, where PTI candidate gained 8635 votes without having any strong vote base of his own. Not only Sindh but also Baluchistan is omitted from his list. He has never ever talked about missing persons. There are some other examples too. So, Sindh and Baluchistan are bereft of his change – and I think they will always be.

2- He is pro – extremists

Imran Khan promises to tackle corruption, while he forgets the most serious problems the nation faces. Corruption often occurs in developed countries, so in countries like Pakistan it is not the problem of the utmost importance to deal with. In fact, extremism is the biggest problem of all in our country. But his stance on the extremism is unclear. Imran Khan says he is against terrorism but in the same breath he calls Taliban his brothers. He gained Taliban’s support in the last election, when ANP, MQM and PPP and other political parties were being attacked and threatened Imran Khan was busy in election campaign. He did not utter a single word in condemnation. Thus, three major political parties were thrown out of the election campaign. When Malala Yousifzai was attacked, he, instead of condemning, kept on favoring Taliban.

When the whole nation was with Malala, his party government in KP stopped her book launching in the province. Nation is not oblivious of Imran Khan’s demand for opening of the office of Taliban in Islamabad and calling Hakimullah Mehsood, killer of thousand Pakistanis, as a martyr. Has anybody heard him excoriating extremists on killing of Sheas? The answer is definitely no.

3- He is not a democrat

In 2002, when all political parties were against the dictator’s rule, only a few lotas were with Musharraf, Imran Khan openly supported Musharraf with his fraud referendum, since he wanted to his long-awaited dream come true – yes to be a prime minister at any cost. Unluckily, Musharraf kicked him out and formed Q-league. Then he began to criticize Musharraf and his aides. Now his dream does not let him sleep in peace. He, therefore, thoughtlessly, is fighting against an elected government any trying to topple it.

4- Who are with him?

PTI is not the party of ideology, it’s mostly formed of Lotas; and you can find a list of approximately two hundred party leaders, including Hashimi and Qurashi, who have recently joined PTI. Most of them were with Musharraf. They have nothing to do with democracy, they just want power. They can change themselves with the changing wind. To cap it all, Imran Khan is power-hungry, so are they.

Change is easier said than done. Imran Khan has even deadly failed in bringing about the change he had promised. Now, cowardly, he is flipping from one phony deadline to another to throw the Prime Minister out. His change, instead of the system, seems to zero in on the prime minster.

Mr. Captain, your change, in my opinion, can be just a figment of your imagination, but is very difficult to come to pass.

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