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Aaam Admi Who Buys the Governments

Pakistan is a land of finest brains ever produced on the earth. There is a long list those who earned fame in science, engineering, technology, humanity and banking. However there is one who was composite of all these but unfortunately always remained unsung hero of Pakistan.  Countries are recognized from there people , people makes the nation , Agha Hasan Abedi is such a patriotic name who born in 1922 in Lucknow , did his master from Lucknow University in English literature,  his journey being from middle class family (Aam Admi) to peaks of banking in short span of time is remarkable and unforgettable.

He started his career with Habib Bank Limited in late 1940s and got instant promotions. His personality attributes of, honesty, humility and love can be shown in today’s United Bank Limited which he founded in 1958; behind any successful brand story there is always a personality. It was due to his visionary and charismatic leadership that this bank became the second largest brand in short span of time with branches locally and dozens internationally. If UBL is using a tag line “Where you come First” all credit goes to his excellency as UBL stands today on its current position due to his inherited personality attributes.

UBL was takeover by government in 1972 when banks were nationalized.  He did not lost his spirit and founded the bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which emerged as world’s 7th largest bank at one point with 30,000 employees with 400 branches in 78 countries. Here I would like to quote Iqbal who truly said.

Koi Kabil Ho to Ham Shan-e Kaien Dete Hein

Dhoondne Waloon ko Duniyia Bee Nai Dete Hein

His love, compassion and patriotism toward the people of Pakistan is unbootable. As he not only focused to flourish his business but he took initiatives to bring real change in the society by making them entrepreneurs , diligent, enterprising and resourceful through education and various other schemes instead of spongers . Karachi Orangi Pilot Project was started by Dr Akhtar Hameed Khan on his request to help people to come out of poverty as he himself was from middle class family. H always stepped forward to help people in need. Thousands graduated from FAST every year how many knows Mr Abedi laid the foundation of this great institute with Rs 100 million in 1980 for the advancement of science and technology  at a  time when computer was in its initial stage in the world.  Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) was also a brainchild of him.

He showed his patriotism towards his country by filling positions with Pakistani employees internationally. BCCI extraordinary performance under his supervision annoyed the developed countries and their leaders as they were not expecting such a rapid growth. Soon it rang the bells of threat for their financial institutions as it was visible if it was allowed further for more few years it will become the 1st largest bank of the world. So the conspiracy was made for its closure by accusing it to help in Pakistan nuclear program, Palestinian fighter, money laundering buying governments and various other charges which ultimately results in face of its closure. Internationally he was criticized for these allegations and became the most wanted person, Pakistani government (Nawaz Sharif) at that time was stressed internationally to extradite him to face charges in USA however Pakistani government refused to hand over this brilliant to them.

In nutshell he started his journey as an ordinary (Aaam Admi) banker and reached on heights of peaks with his motivation and vision. People are asset for every country as they can bring real change in society by doing something individually. Whatever we think and speak about our country becomes the image of our country. It’s the need of hour to rebrand Pakistan negative image and to make it  the country of Aaam Admi lets come together join hands  as its your Pakistan and you are the brand ambassador of your country whatever you will do , think  and speak about your country make the perception. Our destiny is in our own hands and we have to become the shoulders of each other to make it the Pakistan of Aam Admi.

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