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United Kingdom v/s so called Islamic State ‘Pakistan’

I have only a few words but they are of quality and needs deep thought from the reader.

Firstly who ever you support your true support should be for a better Pakistan. PMLN PPP PTI MQM or which ever party you side on…

Let me compare UK (where I live) with Pakistan.

PAK:- Pakistan claim to be a Islamic State.

UK:- Has nearly all it’s law that is like Islamic law.

PAK:- VIP culture – they can do what they like.

UK:- Even the Queen has very limited protocol.

PAK:- MNAs can do what they like and abuse people.

UK:- MPs are servants of public – public here has thrown eggs at MPs.

PAK:- Police not independent and corrupt.

UK:– Police treats all of the public in same manner. Police protect public. FIR here is unknown by this name we just phone Police and that’s it – they do their job.

PAK:- PM owns more in London than our QUEEN.

UK:- PM is no richer than he was when he first came to power.

PAK:- MNAs in power talk to Media like rubbish.

UK:- Media gives our MPs a hard time and even tells them off for laughing at serious matters.

PAK:- Life is cheap BUT PTV building is Qibla!

UK:- Life is worth more than any building – even if a fire starts in a building PEOPLE are saved FIRST then building.

PAK:- Health and Safety – does not exit for workers.

UK:- Health and Safety lapse can close down any business/school…

PAK:- No free school/health/housing for public.

UK:- Got no job? Full support given. FREE health care/School/Housing.

The LIST goes On and On – so I would like PAK public to add to this.

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