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Solution of a Political Turmoil

Since the inception the public policies of Pakistan are consistently resulting in intensification of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Unfortunately, majority of the policy makers are wealthy and wish to maintain the status quo. Most of the law makers don’t have any idea about the problems of the poor at the grass root level. It is indeed a grave issue that is leading to

·         A flight of human capital from the country

·         Inflation is getting higher with every passing quarter

·         Rupee is getting de-valued

·         Allocation of budget for health and education is shrinking every year

·         Imports bills are getting higher with nominal exports

·         Filthy politics on the name of dams and minerals

·         Huge budget deficits combined with ineffective fiscal and monetary policies

It’s being so long that Pakistan has seen all these macroeconomic indicators in good shape.

After watching 18 days long and expensive joint session of Parliament; I will like to elaborate an economics concept of Trickle-down effect which states that Trickle-down economics is a term used to describe policies which primarily benefit the wealth and high income earners. The term ‘trickle-down effect’ is often used pejoratively – in that economists often criticize ‘trickle down policies’ which in effect do little to improve the welfare of the average citizen. For so long we have seen in our country that trickle-down economics has been used but no benefit of those strategies have been given to a common citizen. How the people of Pakistan will get the true essence of democracy? When the local bodies’ government will be enacted? The discussion inevitably revolves around subjects like concentration of power and the fear of losing an important tier of government to political opponents.

The 1973 Constitution, however, recognized the importance of local governments. Its Article 32 states that the “State shall encourage local Government institutions composed of elected representatives of the areas concerned…”It took a military ruler to change the language of the constitution vis-à-vis local governments that is “Each Province shall, by law, establish a local government system and devolve political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority to the elected representatives of the local governments.” What was originally to be encouraged, now became constitutionally mandatory.

If Federal and provincial governments agrees to conduct Local Bodies elections that will have a significant impact on the current political turmoil. As Imran Khan claims to have an overwhelming majority and strong political support in all provinces he will get a chance to show his strength. Realistically, the call of PTI “Go Nawaz Go” will not going to affect insensate governing elite. One legitimate possibility that can wrap up the current political set up is; if Supreme Court finds substantive evidences and invalidates May 11 elections and orders a re-election and with a month long pressure mounting “Dharna” at the Capital the PML (N) along with its collation support partners and friendly opposition will not make a mistake to rig the LB elections. Pakistan has a decent experience with the local bodies system and it is the system that has been patent as a mark of true democracy in developed world. The Government needs to re think its fascist way of ruling. I believe if local bodies system had been in place the country would not have suffered from devastations of floods.

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