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I have a Dream…

I have a dream that Pakistan becomes a state where there is no nepotism. A state where merit prevails. A state where there is no corruption. A state where there is peace. A state where patriots rule. A state which ensures the welfare of our people. A state where life has a meaning . A state where there is no ethinicity, no sectarianism and no racism. A state where every one has equal access to the echelons of power . A state where the son & daughter gets an equal opportunity to grow and get equal access to the national resources of the motherland. This is my dream as a Pakistani and I am sure that I do not ask for not an iota more than what is my right guaranteed under the constitution of my beloved Pakistan. A right which my religion has given me. A right which democracy gives me. Its not a request. Its not an appeal & its not that I beg for it. Its my right. I have all the right guaranteed under the constitution of my country, as a Muslim and as some one who lives as a free soul to take this right if not given.

Many years ago when I decided to follow politics . It was because of the quota system where I always wanted to become a CSS officer. When I came to know that my odds are minuscule due to the limited quota bearing a particular domicile. I resented. I said to myself that this is not fair. Now I am not against giving an equal chance to someone from a less privileged area but than the question I asked is that why not much was done there to bring that area par to where I live. Its not that I was afraid of competition. Just that I did not want to become part of a system even if I qualified which does not offer equal opportunity to all. This is when I decided that I would stand up for what I belief in. But as I progressed in life I realized that as I felt cheated . There are many out there who are in much dismal situation. Whereas I felt bad for not getting an equal opportunity to get my dream job. There are millions of Pakistanis who are not even getting an equal opportunity to freedom, to live, to eat, to educate , to heal and even to choose what is right and what is wrong for them. I further decided to do what ever at my level to fight for the same.

I am hitting my middle age and I feel that like any one else . My time is running out and as one of my mentors asked me once that what legacy I would like to leave for myself once I am gone. I feel bad every day that I may have achieved decently well in my corporate career but not much in terms of getting the promised fulfilled to myself and to my late mother that I would ensure that my posterity do not face the same and neither of the millions of Pakistanis out there. I have a dream that we achieve an opportunity to get equal rights to the people of my country before I die.

For the last couple of weeks. I am seeing protests and Dharnas by two parties. PTI and PAT . One led by a good human being (though I doubt his political skills) and the other led by a scholar. If I bar the political rhetoric. The wish to ask for the fundamental rights for the people of the country is nothing but is every Pakistanis wish. I am a big critic of the approach as I feel that we should find a political way of getting the job done as I have read the French Revolution which took away with it not only the tyrants but also men of high caliber. But the demands being requested are nothing short of the desire. Its nothing short of the dream which I have. I am not interested as to who gets to the center of the country as long as its ensured that we the Pakistanis get our fundamental equal rights.

The same rights and privileges which Maryam Nawaz or Bilawal Zardari have where they got the best education, best living and now a chance to rule its miserable enslaved 98% Pakistanis. Why could not the two large parties ensure me and millions of Pakistanis all these rights in their last many years of government? What stopped them of delivering the good. PPP which in my opinion today is the anti Bhutto as it is just a party for the feudals and establishment. The question is forget Pakistan. Forget Karachi. What have they done for areas where they get all the votes. Forget Nawabshah, Naudero and Sukkur. What have they achieved in Lyari? ZERO . What stopped them from building schools, hospitals and infrastructure being in power for so many years? Unfortunately the only gift they gave to some is a crash course in how to earn and grow through corruption. Needless to say the shopping malls and occupation of the expensive real estate in posh localities of Karachi are of officers getting PKR 20,000 or less a month ; does not need much proof. How many caught for corruption in all these years ? Again ZERO. Accountability cannot start as I sometimes feel this is the manifesto of this party. Unfortunately the spirit of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is lost for ever.

As for Nawaz Sharif the same applies where sorry to say with so many years in power. Apart from development of Lahore there is no other success story for him though I am happy for Lahore and its development. But being in power so many times. What stopped them to build many other model cities out side the vicinity of Lahore. Why is that we only see Nawaz and his brother Shahbaz ruling as a team the country and its largest province ? And now with controlling most of the ministries with them. Are there not anyone else? Even if they give them by any chance . These land with their relative. How ironic that one of the largest party of Pakistan. The largest party of the largest province of Pakistan cannot produce leaders after being so many years in power? Is it Irony ? Is it Hypocrisy? Is it incapability ? or shall I ask is it Hegemony? Or may be is it Insecurity?

I have promised myself that I would never become a slave to any dynasties whoever it may be. I don’t want to see another Sharif or another Bhutto just because of their surnames ruling my posterity. By getting into power doing rigging, coercion and using feudal fear to get enough votes or seats each time. Until the rulers in the center change no fiscal, educational or social reform is expected. As we would only ensure the rights of the 2% privilege class of the country. There is a reason that as a nation we failed to bring land reforms in Pakistan though we have been independent of imperialism only to be enslaved by feudal or dynasties.

I wish that all those initiatives and desires of the protesting parties are accepted and implemented for a better Pakistan. What is shameful that our government has not rolled out even a counter package to address the concerns raised? Instead are seen criticizing the protestors but not accepting the fundamental demands . A right for each Pakistani. I wonder why would they do it when they cannot even register a simple FIR after the massacre at Model Town Lahore a couple of months ago. Its shameful that not a single list of steps to even address concerns are released. Infact they are trying to save only their government.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who has gone to represent at the joint session of the United Nations has no right to represent me if he cannot ensure my rights or at least is sympathetic to it. Had he even a single ounce of honesty in himself left? He would have sorted issues in Pakistan before flying off and could have sent the President instead. For a moment even if I believe that the charges of rigging are false. But his in apathy to address my fundamental rights has taken away his right to represent himself as my Prime Minister. Though I am against any extra constitutional measure to get him ousted as it would make a political martyr out of him. But I feel that he should have shown some character to either address my concerns as he has an absolute majority and could have ensured such reforms. Or resign as he has failed to do so.

When he speaks tomorrow at United Nations. I wish that it’s the last time such a dynastical leader represents me ever in the future. The world should know that tomorrow when he speaks . He do not represent Pakistan but a bunch of feudals, despots and his close confidants yet no one else. I wonder if a leader is of no use to his own people . How can he do any thing to bring world peace? The world should also think before they support such leaders in the future. Whether they want such leaders to represent a 200 Million population, educated and Nuclear Armed state at one of the world’s most strategic locations. Or they want a leadership who could ensure development and prosperity for these people so that they have a much stable Pakistan. Unless their agenda is otherwise.

I feel all political parties sincere to Pakistan should unite for reforms. Like in 1973 when we united to roll out our constitution after being shunned by East Pakistan. Why cant we sit together again for new reforms and may be a new constitution before some one else decides to shun us God forbidden? Pakistan Zindabad!

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