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The Incident Of Daroghawala And The Other Issues

Persevering so little and looking forward for lots may be taken into account as an extremely imbecilic standpoint .It’s nothing else but a preposterous predicament on the part of many and yes it is surely beyond understanding, as well.

To begin this piece of literature, I would like to put forward my profound sorrows and heartfelt condolences for those twenty four people, who had lost their lives in a mosque during Zuhr prayer, as a result of a tragic incident on 09-September-2014, in which the roof of a mosque located at Daroghawala, Baghbanpura area of Pakistan’s provincial capital city ‘Lahore ‘, collapsed. Islamic teachings suggest the death of people in such incidents to be martyrdom.

I personally have no words to acknowledge these martyrs of the Muslim Ummah .All I know is that the martyrs of this incident are the real heroes of Islam and Ummah.

Meanwhile, the Funeral prayer of those who lost their lives as a result of this catastrophe, led by Jamia Masjid Data Darbar’s prayer leader Mr. Ramazan Sialvi was really matchless which was out of the blue and prodigiously attended by thousands of people from Lahore and the adjacent areas. It was, indeed, an unparalleled martyrdom in addition to an unequaled funeral congregation, I ruminate.

On the other hand, this incident has given birth to a large number of critical questions:

  •  How it took place?
  •  Why it took place?
  •  How could have the tragedy been avoided?
  •  Who is actually responsible for the incident?
  •  Was it really a natural calamity?
  •  Was the incident already predicted?
  •  What about the mosque’s 70 year long history?
  •  What about the newly constructed upper storey and the recent renovation of the mosque?
  • Where the fault truly lies in?
  •  How to eliminate or at least minimize the occurrence of such tragedies in the future?
  •  Why wasn’t the building material of the mosque checked properly at the time of its renovation?
  • Was the roof Collapse of the mosque so severe an incident that the whole building had to experience destruction?
  • How did the whole structure of the mosque turn into a pile of rubble, within moments?


What possibly happened was that most of the lentils of the building collapsed due to improper composition of construction material. However, thorough investigation into this matter is highly important to get these weighty questions answered.

On the other hand, the country ‘Pakistan’ faces grave concerns in connection with the ongoing political dilemma, flood devastation, and the tough sledding of the internally displaced persons (IDP’s) from North Waziristan.

What is required to be done in such a sticky wicket is only and only to be determined by the people who are from Pakistan. No one else is going to come in the country to either offer valuable suggestions to solve these problems or directly solve these problems in full.

So please don’t rely on others for yourself. Pakistanis !!! You are only to do what you think is to be done and is in the larger interest of your country ,because no one else would come to serve the purposes of the rehabilitation of the flood affectees ,the provision of basic necessities of life to the IDP’S and the transformation of the country into a role-model.

So never attempt little by expecting much in return but only expect much when you work hard with determination and unity.

All Pakistanis are urged at this stage to remain peaceful ,united and determined for a stabilized, smoother and a smiling Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan !!!

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