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Khan Sahib we want renovated Pakistan not “NAYA PAKISTAN”

There was an era when one might observe wall chalking of the karachiates each single day. But ever since dharnas at the capital city started, a no stop debate is coining on at every corner of city “NAYA PAKISTAN” let us think for a second about what kind of Pakistan we really want naya Pakistan or renovated Pakistan????

Dear khan sahib,

All we call for is our same old Pakistan given by our Jinnah after long tiring fight back, if you can fetch it back to us, and then please bring back our Pakistan to us. We have been tricked with many names such as Quaid-e-Azam, religion and traditions, if you can get it back to me, and then please bring back my Pakistan to me. Not with same regular speeches.

IK sahib, we wish for a Pakistan where harmony reigns superlative. A Pakistan where kids can play in the lanes to their hearts’ contented and their parents should not fear that their kids will be abducted. The lanes were not wedged with barriers; neither are there obstructions on ever step. When the spouses and brothers depart for work, their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives will not be anxious about whether or not they will even come back.

We wish for a Pakistan where whilst walking on footpaths, in the roads, neighbors’, in bundled marketplaces and even as to come at traffic indicators, lone of us not fright of being steal from b at gunpoint in extensive sunshine The populace should not splits up into neighborhoods and regions and there are no tearing ups on the base of faith and culture. Everyone would admiration each other’s point of views; where one twirl out to be deferential by beating their head behind a beard and a topi. We want a Pakistan where firm received cash is worth and whether it is a manual worker or a street merchant, he go backs home safe and thud with his firm salaried money.

We desire a Pakistan where such a mania as the law also lives and it is not only go altered and esteemed by the populace but particularly by those who create these laws and execute to them. The police wouldn’t be just there to defend the rulers and their disciples but the populace of this state would also be their responsibility. The envoys of the masses would be accountable to the ample as a substitute of being responsible to the country’s genuine monarchs.

We want our Pakistan to be completely free and pure of the malaise of weapons. Those weapons that can be found in every child’s hands be replaced with books that have been snatched from them. Schools, colleges and universities would be limited to teaching and learning entirely, not for those armed goons who rule the educational institutions entirely on the basis of their armed power and the spreading of their ideologies.

We  want our Pakistan where education is everybody’s right. Anywhere there is no quota scheme and admissions and jobs only obtain completely on the basis of merit. We want a Pakistan where instead of war over authority everybody considers their individual duties that come with being in authority. And the establishment uniting all as a substitute of isolating it up. We want all united. I want all joint with each other, as if like it was in the past.

we want a Pakistan where healthcare is the accountability of the government. The deprived and rich similar can get conduct from the same hospital. Not like it is nowadays, where the doctor who cannot be found in state hospitals by the poor will be found in the evening at a private hospital. Just like in education, healthcare has also expanded separations; either the deprived can die a sore death or take heavy loans to accumulate themselves. And medicines wouldn’t be like the stars that only the rich can get from their respite on in the of the night the heavens.

We want Pakistan where everybody is allowed to have rebel views. When somebody disagrees with your view, they wouldn’t be c given names like kafir, conspirator or opponent of the country and have to escape for their lives.

We want Pakistan where woman would also have equivalent rights; she would have the right to walk with her skull held high beside a man. She would have the accurate to appreciate, hold her own opinion and articulate her likes and dislikes. as an alternative of being escorted into rallies and complaints as if she were a sheep, she would enjoy the right to come and go as she desires, according to her own faiths. She would have the correct to be clever to do extremely well in not just certain professions, but in all jobs on the basis of her ability.

Gas, water, electricity and other such utilities would be evenly offered for all people. Instead of how it is now, where utilities are person used by one being and being salaried for by one more.

The ones whose job is to defend our edges stay at the borders in its place of placing themselves in cities. The moderators would only give fairness and not trouble with other people’s work.

We want a Pakistan where literature, art and music would be given favorite we want a Pakistan that studies and writes and has libraries in profusion, where everybody thinks and has the leaning for research.

Why must the rich only enjoy plays music and art? I want a Pakistan where a variety of modes of activity are available for the masses.

Most importantly, we want a Pakistan where when someone asks me for my opinion, it is not with dangers.

But this is just what I want…not same regular statements.

Can you bring this Pakistan for me?????

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