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Stand Up For Rights and Freedom, Join Struggle To Save Pakistan

Pakistan is like a wounded deer surrounded and attacked by pack of hyenas, wolves and wild dogs in the jungle.  The vultures are sitting nearby waiting for their turn to jump in and finish off the rest. Since 1947, this is happening in the name of democracy, Islam, humanity, peace and people.

The hyenas, wolves and wild dogs are traitors, corrupt rulers, leaders, bureaucrats, landlords, tribal chiefs and people. The vultures are the masterminds of international conspiracies against the Muslim World, particularly Pakistan, a nuclear power, a fortress of Muslim World and a powerful platform and voice of Muslims and humanity.

To become a powerful voice and platform of Muslims and humanity is the divine mission’s main purpose and objective of creation of Pakistan. This is why the enemies are scared, committed and determined to harm and destroy Pakistan and the people.

The main objective of the enemies is to cunningly destroy the nuclear facilities, institutions, system, society, people and everything in order to silence forever the powerful voice, turn the country into a failed state and make the people helpless, beggars and slaves.

If the people fail to realize now and wake up then no one can save them from slavery and destruction. They have to courageously stand up and bravely fight against the traitors and the cunning and corrupt ones. They HAVE to find, support and promote true leaders and join struggles to bring real revolution and positive change in order to completely replace the corrupt system and harmful policies with good ones and put the country on the road to progress, stability and prosperity.

At present, Pakistan is facing one of the worst crises. Since 1947, it kept facing worst crises and times but survived the deadly blows because of the blessings of divine mission and sacrifices of honest and patriotic people.

As regards people, they have never learnt anything and allowed themselves to be exploited, dominated and ruled by the corrupt and cruel class. Unless and until they stop doing this, change their thinking, approach and attitude, they will remain deprived of rights and freedom and beggars and slaves. Their sufferings will never cease but increase.

Because of massive exploitation and deprivation, we lost East Pakistan. The people there stood up and fought for rights and freedom and to end slavery of the cunning, corrupt and cruel class. Had the people of West Pakistan respected and supported them then this tragedy would have been avoided. The international conspirators and enemies took full advantage of the golden opportunity and ripe situation created for them by their stooges and puppets—The corrupt class.

Balochistan too is a victim of deprivation and massive exploitation by the cunning, corrupt and cruel class including rulers, policymakers, leaders and tribal chiefs. Again the other people are just watching and doing nothing. The situation there is becoming precarious and similar to that of east Pakistan. If not realized, monitored and controlled timely and properly and the province and people not respected, taken into confidence and given rights and freedom then we should be prepared for a big tragedy and another Bangladesh.

We need to understand and accept the seriousness of the worsening situation and the pitiable conditions of the people in Balochistan and in most parts and provinces of Pakistan otherwise the people there too would stand up for rights and freedom and the enemies could take advantage, cunningly use these people and with full force attempt to break up Pakistan. Then, God forbid, no one can do anything to stop the enemies from causing destruction.

Now, the powerful corrupt leaders and people have corrupted and paralyzed the working of the system, institutions and people. Over 80 per cent of the people are already slaves of the powerful and cruel landlords, tribal chiefs and leaders.

Illiteracy, dependency, poverty and fear are the main reasons of their helplessness and slavery. Their fear is genuine because those raising voices and their families and supporters are severely punished and mercilessly killed. They don’t fear and obey God but fear and obey their cruel masters and leaders.

Land reforms, industrialization, economic prosperity, positive and constructive policies along with knowledge and powers of rights and freedom could help bring real revolution. It sounds good but cannot be achieved easily. Now we have reached a stage and situation where only a bloody revolution could help bring the desired changes. Only massive cleansing is the answer and solution. Like bed bugs, all corrupt ones need to be exposed and wiped out.

Honest and educated people should be recruited in the police force, particularly the Station House Officers (SHOs), so that they can provide timely and fair legal help and protection to all the people. The SHOs enjoy massive powers while rest of the positions and seats are of administrative nature. Only they can register and end the FIR (First Information Report).

Unfortunately, the powerful leaders, lawmakers and influential people render the SHOs powerless, use them for their vested interests and compel them to obey their orders and fulfil their wishes. They use the SHOs and police force against their enemies and the common people.

If the SHOs are allowed to use their discretion and powers honestly then the situation could improve greatly and crimes monitored, controlled and reduced greatly. Reforms could improve the working and system of police and drastically reduce the massive corruption in the system. Policemen, right from constable to senior officers, say that corruption is so chronic in the system that even reform will not work. Massive cleansing, drastic actions and improved facilities only can help.

On June 17, 2014, fourteen persons including women were killed and dozens injured when clashes between Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and police took place at the Minhaj ul Quran Secretariat in Model Town, Lahore, in order to remove the barricades.

If the SHO of Model Town, Lahore, had used his discretion and powers and registered the FIR of families of those mercilessly killed in the police clash with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) supporters then the situation would not have deteriorated so much.

The government could have handled the matter in some ways. Now the situation is out of control and has reached a dangerous point. Now the FIR, whenever registered, could lead to black warrant (Execution warrant or death warrant). Now there are chances of armed clashes and bloodshed. The deployment of Rangers and Frontier Constabulary could prove very costly. Unlike the police which have discretionary powers and have used them to avoid bloodshed in such situation, they just obey the orders to shoot and kill.

The situation should have been tackled very tactfully. Tariq Malik, who was Inspector and SHO of Manghopir Police Station, Karachi, in 2009, when contacted said: “In 2009, if I had not used my powers and registered FIR against Balochistan Assembly Speaker Sardar Aslam Bhotani and ex-Chief Minister Saleh Muhammad Bhotani then the situation would have become grave and difficult to handle. There would have been crisis, clash and bloodshed.”

He said: “Despite tremendous pressure of high-ups including Interior Minister Rehman Malik and IG Police Waseem Ahmed and terrible anger and great uproar in the National, Sindh and Balochistan Assemblies against registration of the FIR, I did what I thought was legally proper and morally right. I performed my duty and responsibility very honestly. It was indeed a very challenging time and tough decision for me.”

Tariq Malik said: “There was tremendous pressure of most high-ups of all assembles including Sindh Chief Minister, ministers, senior police officers and leaders. As a result, I could not resist further and was compelled to lodge an FIR against SP Investigation Tando Muhammad Khan Ahmed Khan Jamali. This is how the police is misused and used for vested interests by the parliamentarians and lawmakers. This is one of the major causes of chronic corruption in the police system. In this situation, how can and who can bring reform in the system?”

He said “The SHO Model Town too should have used his discretionary powers and saved the country and people from grave crisis. The most he would have suffered was removal from the post of SHO Model Town, Lahore, and suspension. Unfortunately police supported people like Gullu Butt at that time. Gullu Butt was seen and shown by TV channels mashing cars and attacking people.”

Time has proven that the issue of registration of FIR has become most important.  The government is not prepared to meet the FIR demand and Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri are determined to get FIR registered. The deadlock could prove bloody and disastrous.

It is time for the honest and patriotic generals, law-enforcement officers, officials, leaders and people to find a solution and act fast in order to avoid bloodshed and end the crises so that public could live and breathe peacefully. Already enough harm has been done. Already the culprits have been exposed. It is already too late now.

The country cannot afford such grave crises and situations. The genuine demands of all must be seriously considered and accepted. The thieves and thugs, crooks and criminals, terrorists, traitors and corrupt ones must not be sent home but behind the bars and dealt with severely. They must not be spared at any cost. If they are spared this time then only God could save this country and people from destruction. So don’t just think and hesitate but act fast.

According to reports, there is a serious threat to Imran Khan’s life. See link:

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It could even be Tahir ul Qadri or any other central leader. The enemies are trying to take full advantage of the situation and crisis. Even a spark could burn the whole country, cause tremendous destruction and irreparable loss and throw it far back. Let’s hope and pray that sanity prevails, although the situation is leading towards bloodshed.

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