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Self-Realization -Neither you are for land nor for the sky

The great Italian artist Michelangelo left in his artistic legacy the two of his most awe-inspiring works; statues of Pieta and David. He is most recognized and praise for these two sculptures. After having sculptured David, he was almost wondering for people’s astonishment. As they all were asking that how he had done such a fine and neat work of sculpture. He had said it in response to the people’s wonder that all he had done to carve this statue was to remove the unnecessary pieces of the marble slab. And the result was there in the form of statue of David.

A human is endowed with the same capability to carve out his personality by removing unnecessary pieces around him. This is what the realization of one’s potentials and then to make all those potentials his actual strength. Among all His creatures of Almighty, man is the most blessed one that he enjoys the life having all senses, capabilities and most importantly the reason which he keeps using for making his life easier and better by the day. His development is dependent upon the ‘realization’ of his worth as being the most rational and capable one. The development that has changed the pace of humanity’s progress in every field is a result of every man’s realization of his capabilities in the pursuits of his goals in their respective fields. Man’s power to plan and pursue has goals and has never stopped.

The definition of ‘self’ tells that ‘it is a person’s essential being that distinguishes him or her from others. Now this might be taken to infer that undoubtedly all humans have certain common faculties but yet have some different aptitude as it is up to every person that how one realizes the worth of oneself and makes the best of it which is actually the real task of being the supreme creature.

Our world has been full of people who by way of self-realization of their capabilities changed the course of history. Those people had left their contemporaries and followers wondering about them. The primitive man while aiming to discover must have thought what about the world. Man has pondered for two things most: what is his place and purpose in the universe. These all wise people had got convinced for one thing sure that even an ordinary man have extra-ordinary capabilities. The great philosopher, Socrates also left us with his golden words: ‘know thyself.’

In the East, one would find Allama Iqbal who delved in the exploration of man and made his readers realize themselves through his poetry. His numerous of couplets posit the idea of a man who is most capable and rational and so is able to attain the heights of successes and achievement. In fact, Iqbal epitomizes successfully the blend of spiritual and worldly trends of a man who also knows his purpose of the existence.

A couplet of his goes like:

Neither you are for land nor for the sky

This all universe is for you not even you for this universe.

His one quatrain presents his vision of a great man.

Why should I ask the sage about my beginning?

It’s my ultimate destiny that I am really concerned about

Elevate yourself to such heights that before every decree

God Himself asks you: “tell me what your consent is?”.

His one couplet inspires the youth in this way,

As an eagle-spirit is awakened in the youth

They search their destinations in the heights of skies.

To Iqbal a man’s self is somewhat above all. He has meant it saying at many places that living ordinarily is derogatory to a man’s status as man has been endowed with all the best faculties than other creatures. Similarly, in spiritual ways, he believes that only man has got the potential on account of having the reason to become a representative of God if he conforms to the divine words fully.

In Pakistan, the discussion on Self-Realization is not present. People and particularly the youth often find themselves struggling without realizing the worth of their selves. The prevailing troubled and uncertain situation has made the youth almost oblivion of themselves. Stop and think that what should be the solution for this problem and you will find that the answer comes only in form of self-recognition. This can help to change society for the better. Change, here does not refer to any ‘mass change’, but even if a person is successful to use his or her capabilities with an honest approach for the betterment of oneself and in the society working at any department is enough and commendable indeed. It is right to say too that not everyone is able to bring a change that inspires masses but one should focus on small changes to take any positive and constructive contribution for the society.

Positive thinking yields strong beliefs in oneself but youth of Pakistan hold a pessimistic approach about themselves and that is why there is a dire need to make them realize of the potentials that they have like any other nation. Adversity does come to intimidate but it comes only to examine the capabilities and yet the determination can provide the diversion ways.

Khalil Gibran has once said, “You give little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of ‘ yourself’ that you truly given.” This is an idea of that tells us that one gives best when one serves. It can be concluded that the realization of oneself must come with the purpose to serve others and the society.

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