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End Of VIP Culture

We have always heard that in Democracy people are the real power, the common man is the actual stakeholder, his voice, his point of view is extremely important in state affairs. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s democracy has been deprived of such qualities and in return notoriously blessed with oppressing people’s views, shunning their concerns and robbing them of their respect. But something exceptional yet curious happened on a national airline which has become a hot favorite in social media as well as every discussion paving way towards a new mental approach of standing for one’s rights.

I need not go into the details of what happened as by now every person must have viewed that clip. The most appreciable and interesting angle of the entire episode is that Pakistanis have stood up and said NO to VIP culture, they have refused to be treated like children of a lesser God. For what reason are common Pakistanis made to wait and suffer just because a couple of VIPs are to arrive. The powerfuls need to realize that they can’t fool all the people all the time, every common man has problems and urgencies to attend to which are not achieved due to such delays. This is not first time we see an aircraft being delayed for a senior dignitary, it has become the norm of this society. All rules and all laws never imply on these VIPs.

This culture is not limited to air travel only, it has penetrated into every circle of life, be it roads or any organization. A complete road is being blocked just because a couple of VIPs are to pass not understanding the anger phenomena of the poor common man. Very simple question, Why can’t they drive their cars on the same roads at the same time along with the common citizens of Pakistan? If you’re fulfilling your duties with full responsibility and honesty, what scares you for driving by common people. Keep in mind, that the middle and poor class Pakistani give their taxes on time unlike the powerful’s who do not have the courtesy to pax taxes despite of the enormous wealth they possess.

— End VIP Culture (@EndVIPculture) September 18, 2014

As the person says in the clip, “We have taken it for 68 years, we will not take this anymore”, I absolutely agree to this point. Pakistanis for six decades have been oppressed, kept under strict unlawful orders which they have quietly suffered. But time’s changing, awareness has empowered their minds and that awareness has given them courage to question. This incident is an alarming bell for all those who think they can treat the majority like herds of sheep. Every injustice that happens have to be questioned. Why to suffer in silence? Aren’t their enough problems that these VIPs consider themselves of belonging to some other planet. Why should the plane wait extra time for them? Why should the roads be blocked if they pass? Why should they jump queues? What makes them so very over important than the others? Yes, only thing that they are in power or have power, but they live in a fool’s paradise. The power lies with the common man, they are the actual VIPs.    

Pakistan is encircled with wave of Change, Pakistanis know their democratic rights, they are no more willing to submit to tyranny. The movement towards better change will surely have a positive outcome. Those who climb on poor man’s shoulders to enter the power game should be aware that they have to empower that poor man or else will face the same fate like the two politicians on the national airline.

We cannot ignore what happened a day back in Ukraine when angry mob pushed an unfavorite politician into a trash can, people’s anger and temper should not be tested. We look for proper democracy in Pakistan where each citizen is given his due rights and no powerful is above the law. Basic necessities should be the first priority of the government whereas the cosmetic projects should be a second priority.

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The middle class, the poor, the women and children all have given their verdict for change and a response to halt the VIP culture. Those intelligent VIPs should take a cue from this, and Rehman Malik took his lesson well, on the next flight that he boarded he sat inside the plane for 50 mins as that plane was also late. For confirmation check his tweets.

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