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10 things that will get you fired

1- Question corporate authority and make sure you link it with fascism.

2- Look down upon your superiors, treat them like the morons that they are.

3- Start a blog that tracks down all your company’s local and foreign illegal practices.

4- Circulate negative rumors about your superiors.

5- Make sketches of the CEO doing lewd things and pass it around the office.

6- If your boss is religious, make frequent mentions of how religion makes people delusional.

7- Send your boss an accidental text that says ‘Corporations are not people, they’re greedy pigs.’

8- Empower those below you to take a stand against corporate greed.

9- Edit your company’s Wikipedia page and mention the countless underpaid workers in your office.

10- Circulate a pamphlet in which you explain how firing the CEO will save the company loads of cash.

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