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Does Pakistan Have a Revolutionary Leader?

If we take a look at the history of human development we’ll see that a revolutionary movement driven out by Social Injustice and victimization has challenged the status quo during every age. It’s worth mentioning here that not every Revolutionary movement gets success in achieving it’s objectives but very few. A revolutionary leader with a clear vision and firm belief is the most important ingredient of a successful Revolution, the rest includes organization, motivation and the courage to face adversaries in the way of achieving the ultimate goal.

After the establishment of Pakistan the immigrants (Mohajirs) , who wilfully left their everything behind in order to live their lives in the independent Muslim welfare state, played a very important role in the development of newly born country but soon after they were not only neglected by the ruling elite but they started to suppress under different biased laws like quota system etc. in reaction to this suppression many political parties made hue and cry. This was the most difficult time for the Urdu speakers, as they were feeling down and out in almost every sphere of national life and their representation were in the hands of few individuals with no roots in poor Urdu speaking people of Urban Sindh whatsoever.

At this crucial point of time when Urdu speaking community was in desperate need of some inspiration, Young Altaf Hussain came on the political scene as a blessing for them, belonging to a middle class family and witnessing the prejudice and victimization himself Altaf Hussain visualized what the common leaders couldn’t see. He had decided to challenge the status quo and launch a comprehensive political movement to empower his community by winning them their rights. Altaf Hussain transformed his All Pakistan Mohajir Stutends Organization (APMSO) into a full fledge political party and laid the foundation of MQM on March 18th 1984. On the basis of Altaf Hussain’s ideology of Realism and Practicalism and his revolutionary idea of empowerment for all MQM won the hearts of millions across the Urban centers of Sindh and emerged as the third largest political force of the country within no time. MQM displayed it’s first show of public support on the August 8, 1986 in Karachi through one the biggest public gatherings in the history of Pakistan and shocked the ruling elite. This breathtaking display of public support had taken the Plutocracy by storm and they started to hatch conspiracies against Altaf Hussain and MQM. As many as half a dozen assassination attempts were plotted to kill Altaf Hussain, but he survived miraculously. The founding leader of MQM Altaf Hussain was arrested thrice for no reason and he was brutally tortured illegally, dozens of his aides were put to death through extra judicial killings and thousands were put behind the bars.

In spite of using all the draconian tactics to frighten the resilient Altaf Hussain, and failing miserably in doing so, the establishment tried to lure him through offering different things, former Army Officers carried bags full of money to Altaf Hussain’s home but he refused to take that money with these historical words, ‘Altaf Hussain is not a sell out, and I will never let my followers down.’ Altaf Hussain became the first National leader who promoted competent middle class leadership and sent them to Parliament instead of his own relatives. In its early days when the success of MQM was limited to the Urban areas of Sindh, the conspiracies against Altaf Hussain and MQM were limited as well. As the revolutionary ideology of Altaf Hussain started to expand from the Urban centers of Sindh to the Fields of Punjab, Deserts of Sindh, Mountains of KPK and Plains of Balochistan, the diameter of conspiracies against Altaf Hussain also enhanced with it. The ruling elite was now frightened by sense of awakening Altaf Hussain has given to the masses and the establishment wanted to curb down the revolutionary movement inspired by the the charismatic personality of Altaf Hussain at any cost, as they knew that if the masses have started to promote educated, motivated and honest individuals like MQM, their political hegemony would end automatically and they will have no place to hide.

As the revolutionary politics of Altaf Hussain posed a continuous existential threat to the status quo, we see Altaf Hussain and MQM facing conspiracies in almost every government, whether It be democracy or dictatorship. The extra judicial killings, illegal abductions of MQM workers and (paid) character assassination attempts of Altaf Hussain through biased anchors are constantly repeated just in order to de-track Altaf Hussain from leading this nation to his full potential and empowering them.

Today when the heartthrob of millions across the world and a true revolutionary leader Mr Altaf Hussain is celebrating his 61st Birthday, I want to wish him best of health and all the courage to face the conspiracies being hatched against him, Altaf Hussain is a genuine leader, who has the ability and the vision to make Pakistan a progressive welfare state and the nation needs Altaf Hussain lead them into a new era, where, there will be ‘Empowerment For All.’

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