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Magnum Store Launch

So it was a week ago when I was invited at the Celebrity Pre-Launch of Magnum Store in Karachi. Event was held on September 13th, 2014.

The very first Magnum Store of South Asia and the 14th in the world is now in our very own city, Karachi. Are we lucky or what?! 😀

I think It’s amazing to have a Magnum Store. Now we have a lovely place to go for all those sweet cravings or for a good dessert. Like they say, It’s a one stop chocolate solution! The best part is Magnum can be customized through a six-step process, drawing on 18 different toppings. YES. ISN’T THAT COOL?! ^_^

Coming back to the launch, let me tell you. I totally love the ambiance. Golden, chocolaty love everywhere. When we entered the place, it was completely a different world. Everybody was enjoying to such a good music. The DJ of the night was Hira Tareen while the host was none other than Ayesha Omar. Some other celebrities were spotted including Rubya Chaudry & Ali Safina. Along with the celebs, there were many Media persons, PR activists, Fashionistas and Social Media Bloggers. It was a evening full of positive vibes. So much energy, so much chocolaty aura!


At the first floor, there was a Magnum Tower made exclusively for the Launch. There was also a sketch artist on the same floor to entertain the guests. I must say, Magnum knows how to entertain the pleasure seekers to the fullest! The ground floor has a Magnum Bar where you get your Magnum customized with 18 different toppings to choose from. The store gives a very much luxurious experience. From the elegant interior to the magnum bar itself, everything presents true color of delicacy!

The day ended on a good chocolaty note. Even though I had my comprehensive exam  the very next day, I knew missing the event would be a mistake. I am so glad I made it. Chocolate is surely the solution for everything.

Here’s a picture of the goodies I received while leaving:


The cute box contained this customized Icecream bowl, a very cute USB & a balloon which I couldn’t resist taking along! The key is from the invite & i am getting it made in a keychain! I am so crazy for vintage. Oh and ignore the clutch bag haha!

The place is open for public from September 15th, 2014. It is located at Boat Basin, in Burger King’s lane.

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