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The Harbingers Of Change

A few years ago a certain American President uttered the words ‘you are either with us, OR you are against us’ thereby drawing an invisible line to polarize the world in two halves. Those wanting to bring the wrath of US upon ALL that stood in its path OR those who decided to side with the culprits of 9/11.

Nevermind those eccentric few who wanted to preach sanity as the need of the hour, never mind those either who wanted america and its allies to do their homework bring forth proof before blitzing nation after nation on the pretext of national security. Several years and a few bloody wars later, it turns out those eccentric few may have been the only ones talking any sense at that fateful time. Fast forward to the present day on home turf, Imran khan and PTI unknowingly have caused a major split within Pakistani ranks.

There are those that are with PTI and their measures OR those that are WITH PML-N and corruption there is no fence, no middle ground and no grey areas. You cannot dare to offer your two bits or offer a mediatory solution for that could only mean you are benefiting from this corrupt decadent system in some way or the other (or atleast that is what cyber warriors will have you believe). 

I have been hounded off late by friends who are horrified at the notion that i may have been a closet PML-N supporter all these years perhaps due in part to recent status updates on a popular social networking site. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am actually FOR change. and ALL the demands being made by PTI and PAT are more or less legit and validated. There was rigging (it was certainly not the MOST rigged elections sheer exaggeration on Khan’s part), what happened in Model Town WAS cold blooded murder (Shahbaz Sharif needs to reflect on his conscience and perhaps consider resignation for such a travesty of justice on his watch even if it is proven that he was not accessory to the atrocity), the Sharif’s extravagant life style IS an abomination that needs to be stamped down on and brought under scrutiny. What i am NOT FOR is the method chosen by Khan and his followers.

Taking an entire country hostage for political maneuvering even in the name of change CANNOT be allowed, polarizing a nation already split apart and preaching hatred and violence IS NOT the change we need when we are at war with perhaps the most ferocious of enemies this nation has faced. The Chinese president delaying his trip and a plummeting stock market will just be the tip of the iceberg. There will be far reaching ramifications of the path Imran has chosen to tread on. If the attitude of the PML-N ministers has been loathsome, the respective inquilabi leaders have shown absolutely NO ability to be reasoned with either nor have they given any respect for our national assets be it PM House (not a property of Sharifs), Parliament, PTV (HQ’s).

All such actions have nullified any moral high ground this movement may have held at its outset. In the end it can be said that the arrogance of the Sharif clan and ministers could only be matched by the arrogance of Khan and his followers and that is precisely what has ended up happening. Perhaps the positive that did come out of this episode for which Khan should be commended is that a heated debate in a parliament that seemed to have been in hibernation mode, has ensued, there can be a cautious hope for more accountability in the future, and a REAL (NOT toothless) opposition will now exist in parliament.

The actual heroes in the end however were the true champions of democracy (as much as its possible in Pakistan)such as Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Aitizaz Ahsan, and to the surprise of many Siraj ul Haq. Perhaps this would be the time where Khan should realize he is left with two choices either letting this impetus die a natural death (and let all this work have been for nothing) or direct the protesters to bow out with dignity and continue the momentum inside the parliament with 5 out of his 6 demands well and truly in the bag.

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