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Youth is indeed a solitary last wish for “Pakistan”

These days, Pakistan is going through worst calamity. Pakistan’s financial system is at the edge of decline. Today we are entirely reliant on Foreign aids. Till date our outside debts have augmented up to 60 Billion Dollars. We can’t see any optimistic side of our financial system being growing quite its falling day by day. Shareholders are no more attention to devote in Pakistan because of the Law and Order situation. If we look at political side of a country that’s also unsatisfactory. Officials and Political parties have further alienated the nation. Parties are based on philosophy but divided on religious and ethnic fronts. Bulk of political parties has their own confrontational divisions which they use next to rivals and to show that they are additional influential than the other.

Youth is the only wish for Pakistan. Pakistan is leaving through lots of difficulty mainly since of our own dishonest leaders and bad policies. Youth includes the major piece of the demography in Pakistan. An educated and well informed youth can revitalize the in attendance state of restlessness in the country. However, we shall make clear the youth role towards a nonviolent and tolerant society in a complicated manner. It follows a hierarchical process in order to trigger, implement and then preserve a desired state of mind in the middle of the people. Theory with no practice is of little use. Change and novelty needs to be put into practiced at the grass root level for enough and attractive outcomes.

Youth contribution in governance connected issue is necessary to have a dishonesty free society in our country. Youth should support against any discrepancies and incongruity that influences the socio political culture within Pakistan. Student unions and groups can mobilize and advocate their point of view by writing to newspapers, participating in media, internet blogs, net communities, and magazines; by pressurizing the establishment to bring those constituents answerable to the court of law. A sense of responsibility among all the citizens and among the youth in specific can activate change towards a broadminded and nonviolent society. Henceforth, an cultured and proactive youth can find solutions in a nonviolent manner rather than deteriorating the affairs.

Youth should get aggravated and also give confidence their peers, colleagues and friends to bring about a change n the state of mind of the whole nation towards seriously analyzing the ongoing state of matters in the civilization and bring all the likely solutions at a table; by amalgamating hands together with various stake holders counting the private sector, Non-government associations, the educational institutions and citizen groups.

Dismembering and analyzing the basic cause of the problem will lead to a better sympathetic of the difficulty and will lead to health some answers. Rather than etching radicalism, bigotry and hatred; there will be a rational decision making with more effectual outcomes. For example, the ongoing sugar, power or fuel lack the youth should be inquisitive and curious enough to support rational choice making and hence teach the people to all the means talk aborted before. This will lead to reduction of aggravation in the minds of the people. An idea, to preserve resources and help the government attain its objectives can be a posture take owned by youth. Acquiring a better consciousness and analysis, there will be an optimistic drift towards the protection of reserves rather than abhorrence and an unpatriotic feeling towards the state and the government. However, after attainment of the main goal; as a secondary attainment the youth together as a coercive force should lift their voice for the upkeep of capital by the Government run institutes and delegates. So, that jointly the public and confidential sector can reduce the sense of deficiency, difference and abhorrence among the masses.

Therefore youth has amazing capabilities; which if availed in a most constructive fashion can help reach a course of success, wealth and growth. Youth in Pakistan, particularly the freedom, cultured and well-knowledgeable part of the society; through all events can shun bigotry and help triumph peace and affluence in the society. Today’s young generation is tomorrow’s guardian, if they unsuccessful to fulfill their duties, our next generation will thus, youth has astounding capability; which if benefited in an finest fashion can help conquer a course of success, affluence and progress. Youth in Pakistan, specially the honored educated and well-informed part of the society; through all quantifies can shun intolerance and help triumph peace and wealth in the society.

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