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The Echoes Of Democracy In Pakistan

The continuous struggle to achieve democracy in Pakistan has been failing again and again. Looking from a historical aspect the main reason has been the military rule, dictatorship that has builds its democratic system in such a way where the dictatorial tremors can collapse the weak system. Respecting democracy especially in Pakistan where people do have voting rights that helps them choose the leader, just like last year in May people voted and the chosen one came to power. The current democratic situation depicts according to some the derailment of democracy but the triangular democratic affair (PTI, PML-N and PAT)is also showing  people the true colors of democracy. The two strongest rivalries of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) and PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz) which were suppose to change the course of Pakistan into better Pakistan bought people out to vote and PTI supported by the youth and educated middle class were the highlights of the last year elections. And PML-N naturally went up the course as always which led them to victory. So the rigged elections and later the Model town killing became the core reason for protest marches led by Dr Tahir Ul Qadri and Imran Khan consisting of people of lower and middle classes which sought out in search of truth, justice and freedom.

Imran Khan and Dr Qadri have captured the hearts of the people by rendering themselves to peace and justice has bought forth the question of how these marches are helping the people realize that democracy never existed. Firstly democracy in Pakistan doesn’t have strong roots the forces working upon the so called democratic institutions have always loved ruling people rather than leading them. Secondly the recent PML-N government and its allegations of rigging the elections are making them commit even more blunders that is leading the nation towards the disruption of whole system. People are now in constant danger and they don’t feel safe anymore they don’t feel they have the right to raise the voice against injustice and corruption and they never did. Thirdly institutions are engineered in such a way that they don’t serve people rather they serve the masters. Fourthly the recent parliamentarian sessions have now made the arguments and debates more solidly confined to that democracy is still dream for our country.

With this government we see a lack of vision which has been the greatest threats to democracy in Pakistan. Vision is what this country needs that has very way forward and progressive approach. Seeing different erupting dimensions of Pakistan as the political dynamics has changed especially after 9/11 where you have NSA (Non State Actors) who are the biggest threat to Pakistan. The growing magnetism of corruption is more to be seen that evaporates the loyalties towards democracy for example Transparency International has ranked Pakistan 34th the most corrupt nation in the world. Day to day rising forces of corruption that is triggered more by the lack of accountability that has bought Pakistan to speculate certain dilemmas that can be hard for the country to absorb.

Last but not the least the hunger for power has managed to become the stigma for this country. The suffering of the common man through poverty, hunger and famine has bought the people out on the streets to claim their rights. Is this what you call a democratic state where the people don’t have the basic rights to call them their own? And what security is promised by the state is nowhere to be witnessed. People suffer from lack of basic necessities, freedom and justice and a country where a rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer. Saving humanity should be the main course of action for any leader to come to power that deprives the evil and feeds the justice for better democratic and decentralized institutions that works for the development of the people.

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