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Where is my lafafa?

Well my last name should ring a bell, does it? “BUTT”? All Butt bradari is PML N supporter, well except DJ BUTT, (we as a community disowned him since he was a toddler). Further, I am also from Gujranwala. That makes things simple. All Gujranwala is pro PML N. Nawaz Sharif’s stronghold, place where PTI MNA’s failed to get even 20% of PMLN’s votes. Hence proved, I am taking a lafafa (our sweet nickname for envelope with $$) from PML N.

So where am I going with this? Is this a blog where I praise PTI for their Flop march (oops did I just say FLOP) or their attack on PTV Head office? (yes yes I know they didn’t do it, it was Gullu Butt wearing PTI’s T shirt). Is this a blog where I praise Imran Khan for proving he is a true democrat by collaborating with status quo? (Did I call Imran Khan an establishment stooge? My my). Perhaps it’s a blog where I say sorry for some of my previous blogs highlighting the fact that Naya Pakistan’s MNAs and MPA’s don’t pay taxes;

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Or proving with facts that Imran Khan is a liar

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No, readers I don’t tend to do any of this. I stand by my each and every word. I am writing this piece to get what I rightly deserve: “My lifafa”. Did i just openly ask for a lifafa? Yes, I did. Am i sold out? No. “Kia ye khula tazaad nahi?” Not really.

“Ye lafafey lete hain” . “Inhey dollar lagey we hain”. These dialogues were spoken by the chairman of second biggest political party of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and were meant for those who criticize party’s policies. While no proofs were ever given, a debate started on social media and drawing rooms of people about whether Pakistan’s media is credible or not. This never ending debate gave an easy way out to political parties: throw mud on people who criticize you. By portraying them as sold out, their credibility decreases and people stop listening to whatever they say. It is under stable that this policy had a direct effect on mainstream television anchors and journalists. Every person has an opinion and when anchors and column writers gave their opinions, they were quickly blamed by the parties who didn’t agree with the opinions as sold out.

PTI of course is a leader in this- “I blame you and then you spend rest of your life proving your innocence”. This policy of their chairman is well supported by their supporters and PTI trolls are a nuisance all over twitter and Facebook pages. Not just the popular journalists, the ‘safed posh’ writers like myself have also faced severe criticism from them. “Lifafa journalist”, “dollarkhor”, “holdout” and other such words are a daily dose but irony doesn’t even start here.

Although a big critic of PTI’s policies after last elections (I was supporting them in 2013 elections, yes, i was dumbfounded.

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I still criticize the government wherever I think is needed ;

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but some PTI inqlabis are inclined to portray me as a PMLN supporter or perhaps someone on their payroll. A guy named Mahad Naseer, just yesterday sent me death threats with disgraceful words like “massacre butts”, “kill Butts”.

I stand with democracy, I stand with rule of law and I stand with the parliament of Pakistan. I am against mobs and those who want elected Prime minister to resign by unlawful means. But that is my opinion. Should those who are driven by Inqlabi mindset rather than logic, who are destructive by nature, be allowed to publicly abuse me for what I believe in? Is defamation, abuses, threats to someone who doesn’t agree with your political ideology justified? Are the leaders who have incited such feelings in their supporters worth leading our country?

Is targeting a cast or the people of a city justifiable because your leader is unpopular among them? Is this the educated youth bringing change and making a Naya Pakistan?

You may not agree with me but you have to accept my right to say whatever I want to say. If you want to lead my country, you have to prove to me that you are worth it and accept my criticism. Under Pakistan’s laws spreading hatred and incitement to violence are serious crimes and Imran Khan seems to have committed these and I have my right to criticize him on these.

If I am going to be called a sold out journalist for this and be abused and threatened, yes I want my lafafa. I want a lafafa with an apology from the leader who has encouraged his supporters to follow such cheap tactics to shut up those who criticize him.  Or i want a lafafa from people of Pakistan condemning such trolls; or at least I want a lafafa which has a letter expressing media’s resolve to work together against such cheap tactics.

“Where is my lafafa?”

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