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Dear Political Parties of Pakistan,

I write this letter to you as an observer of the continual ongoing situation that you all have collectively plunged Pakistan into. It comes at a time of deep regret that a so called democratic country of 180 million has been taken to a place that will notably go down in Pakistan’s history. I will section this letter to each of the political parties who I think are involved and will give my opinion and will also give my view of what I feel should happen.

I will begin with the PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz). In the past few months amongst the amounts of times that I have thought to give you the benefit of the doubt I have come to the conclusion that after 14 years you have not changed. Corruption still sits at the forefront of your party, you have become a media driven party, portraying yourselves as some democratic predecessors when in fact you have made Pakistan’s political situation the worst it has ever been in say the past 14 years. The original request was the recounting of votes for 4 constituencies. In 14 months amongst the constructions of metro buses, amongst bringing the dollar to reach a certain mark and amongst all the foreign visits how is it possible that you failed as a government to allow one of the parties that participated in the democratic race to even have this request? If you had fulfilled this request at the time then maybe you would not be seeing PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf) marching and sitting in at parliament.

Secondly after the government which you represent requested Dr Tahir Ul Qadri to construct walls due to a terrorism threat how can you justify the killing of 13 innocent civilians to take down a wall? Even more the registration of the FIR for these murders has only been agreed to be filed in the past 2 weeks!! I personally believe that you as the government have failed on providing justice for your civilians, you have failed as a government to verify fairness in the elections and you have highlighted your inability to sort out a problem without having to call on the military. Due to this unfortunately now may be the time to call by elections.

The PPP who seems to stand on both sides at points and then one sided at other points, you really need to make up your mind. There is no point of consistently bringing up Benazir Bhutto or Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto into the playing field mainly because they have both passed away let them rest in peace, also they are not around the rest of the PPP isn’t Benazir Bhutto’s and to be fair she wasn’t really everyone’s most favourable person when she passed away. Aitzaz Ahsan in his parliamentary speech on the 2nd September 2013 you stated that there was evidence of election rigging in the 2013 elections but you reiterated your stance on standing in “majboori” with the PMLN. You have clearly highlighted how wrong your parties stance is, continually supporting something which you admittedly know is wrong makes you just as bad as the offending party. The PPP’s dynasty has unfortunately sizzled out and is eventually ending, try not to push worsen the situation as you are in the same boat as the PMLN.

Maulan Fazlur Rehman and the JUI unfortunately done nothing but stupidly highlighted that you have no mind of your own and will stand on the side of the fence that is in power. Fazlur Rehman brought about claims that the elections of KPK were also rigged yet will not contest this in favour of maintaining so called democracy ( so in theory you support a system which you know is wrong ) a bit like the PPP you are supporting wrong. Secondly you compared the situation of the Islamabad sit ins to terrorism in Swat and Waziristan, only you could make such a stupid comparison, even more you contended why violence couldn’t be used against our protestors? I can answer that for you, the protestors are not taking off our soldiers heads. You and JUI need to back off and stop stirring the pot for your own purposes.

The media for god sake be reasonable and stand with reason and moral. All I have heard from media sources is A attacking B and B attacking C. I’ve watched ARY, I’ve watched Samaa, I’ve watched Geo and I’ve watched Dawn and all I can say is report fair, if you report fair and report the truth, then you will always succeed, don’t be politicised you have a lot more to lose then the party you support.

PTI and Imran Khan firstly I salute you for your consistency and your admiration to reach the objective you require. If you feel that election rigging has taken place it was your right to take this to the courts which you did, it was your right to take it to the media like you did and it was your right to march and stage a protest and sit in when your legal right was taken away from you in the name of democracy. You waited 14 months and was offered your request a day before you marched this isn’t justice or democracy its politics. Please remain peaceful in your protest and don’t let the actions of a violent few or Gullu Butts draw you to seem the bad guys.

PAT and Dr Tahir Ul Qadri once again I salute you for your sit in and your request for justice. The country cannot move forward without electoral reforms and only by protesting you will be rid of the corrupt individuals that have taken control of our country. But once again I reiterate not all police men are bad, do not stoop to the Gullu Butts of the polices level maintain the dignity which you have.

Thank You

Love from a Pakistani citizen.

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