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Baptism Of Fire

Last night I saw turning Islamabad into Gaza. Last night I saw how brutally people were killed. Last I saw how viciously women were targeted. Last night I saw real face of Government. Last night I witnessed how true Revolution has been started. Last night………..

Pakistan was made by Quaid-e-Azam and name was coined by Chaudhary Rehmat Ali visualizing that it would be a land of peace and prosperity, people over here will live in harmony. There will be justice. But last night what I saw was unbelievable and Quaid would never have been imagined of. Sitting for 16 days near Parliament House, they were just asking for their rights, they were just asking for the justice, but in vain. So they decided to go in front of Prime Minister House sit there and raise their voices for justice.  But last night what happened was shocking the police on the orders of Government opened straight fire on those protestors, they started shelling and lathi charge on them as well. The visuals on television was alarming. Is this how we treat our citizens? Is this how we give justice to our people?  Is this what our Quaid had dreamed of?

The question over here is why they were sitting for 16 days?…. PAT had been accusing the PML-N`s provincial and federal governments of being involved in whatever happened in Lahore on 17th June, 2014. Although, it is not PAT`s new demand, but this got a new boom when the Lahore High Court (LHC) upheld the ordered to register a case against 21 individuals including Prime Minister, Chief Minister Punjab and federal ministers and dismissed the petition filed by four federal ministers against the orders issued by Additional Sessions Judge Lahore in connection with Lahore’s Model Town tragedy. Earlier, the director of Minhaj-ul-Quran had given an application to register an FIR of the Model Town tragedy in which PAT`s 14 people were killed and about 90 injured against these people including the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab.

The Media coverage proves it that the Punjab Police unnecessarily used force to remove the barriers from the Minhaj-ul-Quran`s secretariat and fired at the people who resisted that action. When such a foolish operation resulted in the severe criticism to the government, its officials tried to defend it by blaming that the Police opened fire in retaliation to the firing by the PAT workers. However, now the Judicial Commission has revealed that the government could not prove its claim in this respect.Now the question is, what is hindering the government from allowing the victims to lodge FIR against their nominated officials after the LHC`s order? Why don`t the CM and PM let the law take its own course?

Pakistan has proved to be a state for the elite while the non-existence of justice in the society has weakened the country.

Today, Pakistan is standing at extremely dangerous and appalling point where there is a genuine fear that the country might vanish from the map of the world if corrective measures are not taken. The harsh fact is that poorer is getting poorer and richer is getting richer but policy makers are unmoved. All governments of Pakistan have always played with the statistics and tell the nation that we are better off under their regime than the previous ones. Instead of providing justice, improving economic conditions of the masses and decreasing the class difference in society, they are busy in finding legs to stand upon their lies as truth.

The ruling and elite class of Pakistan never promoted concept of Social Democracy that includes a society where all get opportunity to rise, a society without strong class system, policies and programs to reduce unemployment, welfare society, respect of labor irrespective of their level of education, respect of people irrespective of their family background, culture of honesty, a strongly progressive tax system, generous government provision of non-cash benefits such as education, health and housing, honest and independent Judiciary, patriotic society where interests of collectivity are supreme, rule orientation, constitution is considered a sacred document, religious tolerance, honest civil and military bureaucracy which act within their domains, military finds no room in politics, high standard Public sector education, Provincial integration, acceptance of Pushto, Baluchi, Panjabi and Sindhi as official languages along with Urdu, independent foreign policy.

The trends toward inequality in society are not inevitable and can be modified by sound public policy based on a robust version of the concept of “equal worth”. Measures which improve the economic status of the least well off, increase employment, reduce inequality and “civilize” the workplace are likely to produce significant improvements for all of us. Conversely, passivity, selfishness and indifference to the fate of our fellow citizens are certain to lead to unnecessary and significant social dislocation. It’s all a question of what we are prepared to do.  And where are we taking Pakistan?? Are we turning it into Gaza??

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