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The ‘Real’ Enemy

When a nation stands divided, it is very easy to take advantage of their disunity. How attractive must be a foe, which is so busy in infighting that it has forgotten who their ‘real’ enemy is.

Some might argue that Pakistani citizens are becoming increasingly politically aware. They are utilizing their right to protest and recording their anger and frustrations to the highest corridors of power. No matter what ones opinion may be of the on going protests, one has to realize that the common citizens have emerged as a power in their own right. How wonderful would it have been if this power was utilized to achieve something great but unfortunately, our leaders seem more interested in their personal political power rather than the interests of the state.

Such a united and determined opposition to the government must be applauded, it is a true function of democracy and it will encourage true accountability. However, when violence hijacks such movements, revolutions turn into insurgencies and state power has to be used.

I for one have a completely different view of this whole situation. It is heart wrenching for me to see that our nation could not unite against extremism, which is increasingly becoming an inherent part of our nation. Terrorism is only one branch of extremism and that alone has caused us more damage than we could have ever perceived. The very fact that violent murderers have a support base in Pakistan is enough to demand immediate action yet speaking against them is unattractive as it comes with a great risk and does not increase chances of political power. How unlucky we must be that our leaders have not been able to identify the biggest problem our nation is collectively facing.

Imagine another scenario, in which thousands of citizens marched to the capital against extremism and violence and innocent bloodshed. What kind of a nation we would have been if we united against a common enemy, which seeks to destroy the very foundations of our state. What a beautiful message we could send to the 50,000 grieving families of martyrs, which have suffered the most in this war. Why don’t our leaders stand behind the people who have lost everything for the security of Pakistan? Why isn’t anyone bothered about the one million Internally Displaced Persons who have left everything so that our enemy can be dealt with?

Pakistan stands at the cornerstone of its destiny, what we do now will define the type of nation we are. If our leaders continue to ignore the imminent threat knocking at our door, we will not be able to conquer the ideology of hatred and my biggest fear is that we will succumb to the more united, more determined enemy who has vowed to destroy us. We have the example of Iraq, which was so disunited in the infighting between different political and sectarian groups that now it is facing defeat by its ‘real’ enemy. All the countries who which have been plagued by the disease of extremism have to fight the good fight otherwise their existence is at stake.

I beg all those who enjoy power in Pakistan to become one and collectively work for the welfare of our nation. It is about time that we have some sympathy on our poor masses, which are always the ones to suffer. Let’s work to ease their suffering. Personal vendettas and political ambitions can wait but we should realize that the nation is waiting for over six decades and it requires our immediate attention.

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