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Where is that Spark??

Success is not an overnight game. One has to place their best possible efforts consistently and dedicatedly to become the winner. This requires a positive attitude and an optimistic approach that drives and encourages an individual towards their goals.

Positivity in one’s attitude mainly implies to the hopeful and motivated nature of a person. As a positive mind always believes “I can do it!” contrary to the negative mind that always worries and blabbers in one’s head and saying “How can I do this?”

In today’s world, we see a lack of positivity in one’s approach – absence of the spark. I believe it is due to 3 main reasons:

  1. We have started believing in the mantra of “Quick Success.” We do not trust our abilities and do not try to ignite the spark of positivity that lies within us. We are keen in attaining victory with little or no attempts and thereby convincing ourselves in seeking short-cuts instead. Result: An ultimate failure. Instead of overcoming this failure by realizing our self-confidence, we become de-motivated and start cursing our faith.
  2. We “envy” the success of winners. There was a time when success stories were the source of inspiration for people. They were the influential cause. They used to drive us towards the road of success by means of aspiring and idealizing successful individuals making us strive hard to become one of them. But today, we envy their success and try to relate their journey to success with sheer luck. We have started ignoring the hard work and pain that such people have imposed and inflicted upon themselves to achieve that level.
  3. We overlap criticism with “critique”. Nobody can be perfect, so critique is always done for further improvements and was once taken constructively for the enhancement of an individual on professional as well as on personal grounds. But today, both are taken in negative terms making us emotional and less rational. Eventually, we become de-motivated when someone reprimands us for our own good. We also disregard their reasons for giving such a response. Instead of improving our shortcomings, we take it on our nerves and make our growth stop.

Thus, for every new thing to start and every single thing to continue with, one needs a “spark.” This Spark of Positivity can neither be taught nor can be learned. It comes internally as it lies within us. If the energy is positive, the consequences will definitely be on one’s terms. But if the energy gets negatively charged, one will end up doing only messes and muddles.

It is rightly said:

~ Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

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