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Fawad Khan , Come Back Soon

He has done it again! The romantic magician has yet again created a spark in the hearts of many women with just a  glimpse of his royal character.   After the successful placement of Ashar and Zaroon  in the acting hall of fame , Vikram  is also doing a spectacular job  in raising the bar yet again.

You have guessed it right. I am talking about the man who was trending on twitter for his ability to raise the temperature with his killer looks and magnificent acting skills. Fawad Khan , Pakistan’s very own “Khan” is all set to make his debut in Bollywood with Sonam Kapoor.  Fawad Khan is the new talk of B-Town. His interviews are seen raging the Indian media where he talks with much sensibility , being extra cautious he doesn’t hurt both ends of the border.

As much as I hate to admit , but as a die heart fan of this romantic maestro , I feel jealous of the attention  Fawad Khan has grabbed from across the border. It is no secret that fans from India haven’t been able to resist has charms and have willingly joined the #FawadFever brigade.

As happy as I am for his raging success , it somehow feels that Pakistani television has taken out its most prized possession from its timeless collection and handed it across the border. Fawad Khan is no more  Pakistan’s only Khan. He is now in competition with the Khans of the bollywood for the throne.  He is no more the exclusive heartthrob of Pakistani fans , his charisma has become universal and shared by many.  He is no longer sitting next to Mahira Khan , he is now frying bigger fish with Sonam Kapoor and maybe Kareena Kapoor too. And trust me , this hurts :p

The actor believes that art has no borders as he stated in his recent interviews. He is all praises for the people in Bollywood and the Indian fraternity for welcoming him with open arms. All signs show Khoobsurat will not be Fawads only venture in Bollywood.   For now all we can hope is that Fawad Khan doesn’t become too charmed by the gold and glitter of Bollywood to make it his permanent home.  For as much as I love Bollywood and am excited about Khoobsurat , nothing beats watching the Khan wander as Zaroon in the familiar halls of our very own Indus Valley School.

Fawad Khan , Best of Luck! And come back soon!

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