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Democracy and Constitution

Democracy, Democracy, Democracy

Constitution, Constitution, Constitution

These two words are sounding inside and outside Parliament of Pakistan. Politicians are trying to save fake democracy and constitution. I am surprised where is democracy? Where is Constitution? Where is law and order? Are really we are democratic? And the Answer is very simple ‘NO’.

After 68 years of independence still we are fighting for true democracy. But unfortunately we don’t understand the true meaning of Democracy. Only two family politics is prevailing in country. And this family politics even destroyed the roots of our country. It is very unfortunate and sad that the plant seeded by Jinnah and watered by the blood of millions of Muslim men and women has not prospered in the country.
They came into power unconstitutionally.

They are uneducated, dishonest and liar but they are in power. And they only make their families stronger after came in power. A democratic government is obligatory to provide justice, social welfare and safety to the public. But here the condition is totally opposite. No rule and Law for rich and powerful. Supreme Court take notices on hanging dresses but no action for the rights of Public. No action against rapists. Women are targeted but our Courts, Speakers of Democracy and Constitution are silent.

Model town Massacre is in front of us. How openly Government ordered to attack people. 14 were killed and 90 were injured and now after 2 months still no FIR against criminals. Now Again, Government show their brutality by attacking peaceful Protesters in Islamabad.

More than 300 hundreds are injured and 7 are dead. Now where is Courts, Law and order and security forces? Is this Democracy? Is this Constitutional?
And our so called democratic politicians while standing in parliament house shout to safe Democracy and Constitution. Is this democracy to which they want to safe? Actually they just want to safe themselves from Accountability. This democracy fails to provide basic needs and protection to the people of Nation.

Today I really feel sorry, still our Nation is sleeping. Now time come to wake up and raise for the rights. This democracy is brutal. They want themselves out of law and order. Now everyone watch the true face of this fake democracy.

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