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Opportunity for Pakistan to Capture Russian Market

The news of threat for someone always becomes the opportunity for someone else. In a tit for tat move president of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed ban on the import of vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and dairy products from United States of America and European Union. This decision has come in front after USA and Europe imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine crisis. Russia is one of the world’s largest importers of fruit and Veg from Europe. Here in the picture you can clearly see Russia imported €5.25bn worth of vegetables and fruit from Europe in 2013 excluding USA. Their decision to ban products on tit for tat basis has badly caused to hit European countries including Germany, Nether-land, Poland, Lithuania, France and Belgium e.t.c. It’s clear Lithuania and Poland lost the market of €927 million and 841 million Euros annually .

For Pakistan it’s the best time to grab this golden opportunity. In modern age competition among world is in trade. In future wars would be fought on basis of trade instead of ordinary wars.  Recently the nations who have tied themselves in relation of bilateral trade are more close to each other , the most successful example is of China. China defeated the USA in trade war. In modern world the nation’s relations with each other depends on the level of trade between them.

Formation of groups like (BRICS) Brazil , Russia , India, China  and South Africa have bring together the rivals like India and China . As Pakistan relations with Russia have never been admirable however this opportunity can be used to make our mutual relations better and stronger. Pakistan has a close friendship with China while our rival India has with Russia. Russia on all international forums always opposed Pakistan and 

voted in favour of India.  So if we look from this point of angle this opportunity to sell Russia can help us to make our relations better with them.

Pakistan is an agricultural country and its majority of population lives in rural areas. The successful export to Russia can bring prosperity in rural areas as it’s a massive market. Pakistan is famous all over the world for its basmati rice, Kinoo , Mangoes , “Made in Pakistan Footballs” , leather jackets and textiles. In vegetables we can sell them coriander, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumber, Potatoes, Spinach and Garlic e.t.c.

In a concluding note i would like to say to grab this opportunity our rulers have to take immediate quick decisions in the benefit of their people. The more we late someone else fill this gap. Government can send their delegations to Russia to get contracts from them and they can run effective integrated marketing communication campaign to persuade investors and entrepreneurs to come in front by removing any export duty or charges. Initiatives can be taken for farmers by giving them certain amount of subsidy. Pakistani government must have to take immediate decisions and make plan to capture Russian market as Indian firms are already rushing towards Russia. Good trade relationships with Russia will ultimately help us to shut the mouth of our rival India. In this way the trust of Russia will enhance on Pakistan and ultimately helps us to boost our reserves and this new joinery cause to bring prosperity in Pakistan.

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