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INQILAB: from a student’s perspective


This is one of the many lines people in Azadi rallies used to say. Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Chaudry Rehmat Ali, Liaqat Ali Khan and many more leaders are prominent figures that can be easily found as heroes in our text books for their vigorous struggle for the independence of Pakistan. No doubt they are.

14th, August, 1947 that we and our young generation remember as the independence date, but just ask yourselves are we independent? Are we able to live happily in our country? Are we really free to go to our mosques, mandirs, and churches? Can minorities enjoy and preach their religions in this country? Can non-Muslims residing here call this country as their home land?

With every passing Government we hope that we can fulfill our Quaid’s dream, but unfortunately it only remains on our New Year’s resolutions. And this dream becomes a strong   point for politicians to put in front of their followers and emotionally blackmail them. They play with the sensitive issues of our society and take the game of power on their side.

This month Pakistan turned 67. If it was a man, it would have been retired by now (Retirement age for Government workers in Pakistan is 60 years). Living somewhere joyfully, enjoying summers with his family. Unluckily we are still fighting for our independence inside our own country. These days Azadi March and Inqilab March are one of those hot topics discussed on our social and print media. If these marches are going to give us independence then what was 14th August, 1947? only mere delusion?

With every passing year we get to know about a new definition of Inqilab and Azadi. In 1947 independence from British colonial rule and Congress was considered as real Azadi for us but in few years of independence our leaders started a new motto of Roti, Kapra or Makan. And we were said that our independence will begin when we will have these things. And for this purpose we were brainwashed to join a new party. The people were so innocent that they joined this emerging party happily.

Soon we realized that this was only a trap for us to fall in. We were never told that education was also a basic need for the people of our country. We were left illiterate in this new state.  Then terrorism, target killing, racial bigotry were some new terms put in front of us to consider. And it was claimed that freedom from these things will be our independence. Can anyone give me a solid definition of your so-called Inqilab? A single definition that I can quote everywhere; not your custom made definitions.

Have you ever wonder what is going to happen to our country in a few years? I can’t say that my younger sister who is only 9 years old now can live peacefully in this country. Our future in Pakistan is uncertain. We can only keep our hopes high and pray that that one day we will get Inqilab in its real sense.

As a student I can only ask questions and wait for your answer. I cannot force you to answer all my questions but I can at least hope that you will make me realize that these rallies are the last one to attend for an independent Pakistan.

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