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Army in action again

Once again political parties have failed to settle their matters and asked the Army to come and help in resolving the current crisis which has paralyzed the whole country and the system.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Government had five rounds of talks but nothing came out.PAT leadership had also met several times with the officials sent by the Prime Minister but of no use.This showed the lack of trust of political parties among themselves.All failed to agree on same points.
PTI and PAT accepted Army as guarantor but not Government.They have to agree what Army will say now.

Much has been happened in the last two weeks. Imran Khan and Tahir Ul Qadri came out with their demands and to give the people their rights.They were welcomed by the people because issues raised by them were the problems of a common man.Demands were genuine,hence they received a massive support by the people and succeeded in awareing  the people about their rights.People realized that they can make a difference if they stand for their rights and can force the government to admit their legal and constitutional demands.

Patience shown by both the leaders and by their followers is appreciable.The way they remain there and showed discipline must be appreciated.

The government’s role in all this situation was very negative .They failed to settle the matter and tried to spoil it by organizing rallies in different cities of the country.Governments are elected to govern and not to do oppositional politics by organizing rallies.They used delaying tactics and were expecting that people who gathered at Islamabad would not be able to stay long in the extreme weather conditions but they showed great strength in the rain and in hot weather.Government also tried to use violence and the incident of Gujranwala is the best example to show their aims.

Besides all positives and negatives of the Marches ,I am of the opinion that all the political parties including PTI and PAT would have shown some political maturity and had settled their disputed by themselves.

Army is the most respectable institution in Pakistan and one should not try to drag it in the politics because it will not be a good precedent in the history of the country.

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