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Need For Speed: Bring out the street racer inside you

Need For Speed Most Wanted (NFS MW) is one of the best (if not the best) addition to the Need For Speed franchise. In the game, prove yourself as the worst nightmare to the cops and your rivals.

Here’s the plot of the game, you arrive in Rockport city and come across Razor who is supposed to be the #1 blacklist driver in the city. You challenge him in a race for the pink slips (you lose the race, you lose your car) and end up losing to him after he messes up your car. Then you come across Mia, who will guide you throughout the game. . Mia tells you that you have to defeat 15 of the most notorious racers that the city has to face. Beat them and you get the chance to face Razor for the #1 spot.

The graphics of the game is really good. The engineers of the game play a good part in providing physics and graphics of the game. Weather changing effects are great as well. The collisions with the police cars and crashes look much more lifelike than its predecessor, NFS Underground. This game makes you feel like you’re a real reckless street racer hell bent to make the lives of the officials, a hell.

What I liked about the game is that some of the lower level villains are tough to beat as well. There are rivals who have very good machine to race in such as Earl with the Mitsubishi Lancer. The higher is your heat level, the tougher the cops become. They’ll even bring big SUV’s to ram your car headset. The spike traps are the one to look out for in the game as it will bring your game to a full stop. I was pretty impressed with the difficulty levels the game has to offer.

The soundtrack is a mixture of Rock, Metal, Rap and Techno. Many famous artists such as Disturbed, Styles of Beyond, Alice In Chains, Celdweller and The Prodigy are included in the set list of the game.

NFS MW is one of my personal favorite and one of the best games the NFS franchise has to offer. It’s one of the very few games in which everything is perfect.

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