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Pak Army and Political Drama

Political crisis is once again jolting Pakistan. Things are growing worse, yet nobody serious enough to care about. This time, the civil society is clueless; political parties are fearless and public is expecting some faultless revolution. This means a revolution that will come in a snap and will chip away the dirty system, hence bringing us the new yet rigging free Pakistan.

Politics was never taken seriously in Pakistan. Many times, it has been understood as a cat and mouse game between Military and civil forces. This did not give us anything but a permanent spot on military’s role and politicians got somebody to put blame on. Similar, is the situation right now, when political parties are failed in diffusing the deadlock, utmost efforts are being made in making Army a villain character.

Multiple opinions are coming on surface: Some blame military for initiating this political dramas, some say intelligence agencies are playing a role, some believe military/establishment, ‘the empire’ as referred by our very own Imran Khan, some suggest that it might be a move to save ex-General, COAS and President, none other than Musharraf and some think that once again, the inherited hatred for PML-N is back from slumber party.  Whatever it is, political parties are divided in two factions, one supporting Azadi/Inqilab march and others favoring PML-N to continue with the government.

Focusing on the fundamentals of these marches cum revolutions, everything signifies that this matter is purely political and a solid political solution is needed. Many political actors are busy in coming out with a suggestion/solution and the deadlock is sustaining. This makes an average person thinks that where comes the role of Army in this all political fuss? A political deadlock is prevailing and this demands a political solution which only civilian leadership should communicate. And if one argues that this all is staged by Army, this seems utopian for certain reasons. If military has to gain certain earns, military would not show case a long march disrupting main course of life threatening security, which they have to protect in any case afterwards.

One another aspect, which almost everybody forgot while playing blame-game is that we have major Operation going on in NWA. Zarb-e-Azb is an operation initiated with an aim to give final blow to terrorist hubs. While dealing with this menace, Pak Army has got an additional responsibility of handling IDPs. This time, it was biggest humanitarian movement ever observed. Furthermore if we analyses the statements being given by military spokesperson clarify things, not presenting any sides.

After looking on to such detailed scenario, I see malicious aims behind making Pak Army a rolling stone in the political drama. What at maximum, Pak Army could do is to ensure that Pak Army is not interested in show casing any other coup or take over, as enough has been complained about it. First through hidden means and now Pak Army is clearly showing its interests of not interested in any intervention.

Being a citizen of Pakistan, I was comfortable with my life; it was smooth, travelling from Pindi to Islamabad was never this much frustrating for me, what it is now. Our political parties in gaining their aims are squeezing the life for us. Now containers cannot contain democracy if a real democracy has to come. Nobody can stop a takeover if it is decided and none can topple the government when the one sitting becomes stubborn. It is not a good idea to hijack the lives of majority for a few to sooth their personal vendetta. And this is not at all a good idea what is being propagated outside Pakistan now, street power never promises designations by rolling state institutions like ball. But what I am certain of it now than ever is that politicians are not enjoying politics with any spice of intervention.

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