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The Wolf and Billy Kid

Once upon a time there was one Wolf and One Billy Kid (‘Maimna/Bakri ka baccha’). Once they were drinking water on the same stream. Suddenly Wolf came to Billy Kid and harshly asked him why he contaminated water for him? Billy kid was frightened seeing that wolf and felt speechless. Nanny goat (mother of Billy kid) was observing this situation; came forward and she argued that the flow of stream was such that it was flowing from Wolf’s end to the Billy Kid’s end, so there is no point of Kid contaminating water. But the Wolf said that I do not know anything, this is irrelevant that who was standing where. Billy Kid has contaminated the water and now as a punishment, he will take him and eat him. So he took the Billy kid away and poor mother could not do anything for her kid. She just said “HAMESHA TAQATWAR KE SHAR SE DARO, WHO CHAHE TOU PAANI KA RUKH ULAT DE”.

I first immensely thought of this old childhood story after US claimed the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad. Questions for Osama’s dead body video footage and that how could he reside in such a secured Pakistani city? Why was his dead body dumped in a hurry? All these questions were irrelevant to US and they then claimed the right to Operate whenever and wherever in Pakistan. Their top diplomats and executives hurried visits at the time and their rude tone; I remembered this very old story of childhood. Worthy to mention, there seem to be an invisible agreement between Pakistani officials and US and the US president made full points at the cost of Pakistani humiliation and disgrace in the whole world.

Now the latest events in Gaza in which this one sided war has claimed lives of thousands of Palestinians (including many women and children) and many injured. The UN Security Council session was also useless and all big powers seem to support and back Israel at any cost be it directly or indirectly. The Power Politics is evident more than ever before and the world’s society continue to witness the worthless War Laws, Accords, Commitments and /international bodies. World seem to follow Jungle Ka Qanoon these days with the powerful flattening the innocent and weak. The sole superpower US doesn’t know anything be it the imbalance of power between the two parties or any moral standing of this war; they just support and defend Israel’s case unanimously often making their veto power to leave UN speechless.

The hurting point is that there seems be nobody on the key positions within Islamic world who could sternly react to this rigid, harsh and illogical behavior of Israel and try to show some dignity and reflect aspirations of Muslims. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) has practically finished and there is no proper Muslims co-ordination to come out of such crisis. The Millions of Muslim troops and countless weapons seem to be useless in prevailing circumstances because they are unable to defend a weak brother Muslim state. Sadly speaking, we are living in an era in which there is no Hajjaj Bin Yousuf to send any Muhammad Bin Qasim to save the brothers and sisters from the brutal oppressors. There is no Tipu Sultan who prefer one day of dignified life over 100 years of life of jackal.

Statements of condemnation seldom aired from the Muslim rulers but this simply doesn’t make any difference to Israel, who attacks whenever and wherever to leave the world in a state where the Muslim countries seem to be literally subordinates of the ruling world forces. There is no serious effort to defend Palestine. The pain which every Muslim feels for Gaza is evident in our thinking and conversations; often participating in alms and protests which still can not make any considerable difference to the misery of Gaza.

The lean Muslim voices against Israel largely resemble with that Nanny’s objection to wolf for her Kid; they can only give hollow statements. None of them have any impact; the Powerful will continue to sham reverse flow of water

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