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Is This Sanity, Mr. Khan?

“If any of my workers was injured, I will chase him to every corner of Pakistan.” “In my passion, I may punch you!” “I will die but will not spare IGP Islamabad.” “We will not spare you Nawaz, we will retrieve all the wealth you have looted”.

These were the historic words of PTI chairman Imran Khan which he uttered for the newly appointed IG Islamabad as well as the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday afternoon addressing the Azadi March participants.

Before and while delivering his speech, “Kaptaan’ seemed to be very furious and frustrated. Although, by just a day ago, ice looked to be getting melted through the negotiations with the government, but situation altogether reversed. Apparently, the reason behind was an unconfirmed news piece that the federal government had decided to launch a crackdown against the sit-ins and that it had allegedly removed the IG Islamabad Aftab Cheema for the same purpose. Though the government immediately denied the rumor, but the negotiations had got suspended by then.

Whatever the reality was, the question is, should Imran Khan have spoken like that? Does his speech depict sanity anyway? In fact, the way he has been addressing to his marchers since 14th August, it leaves the impression as if he is not a leader of a mainstream political party, but a pressure group. His short-term and hasty decisions, impolite remarks, derogatory language and the obstinacy have politically isolated him. All those are causing a great disappointment for his followers too.

It is fact that Imran Khan has some serious reservationswith the present government on whose basis he wants the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign from his office, but is it wise to put his workers including women and children in front of the state machinery? By doing so, is he not heading towards bloodshed? If any mess takes place, who would be the biggest loser in the end?

Considering the PTI Chairman`s irresponsible behavior, I feel like paying a high tribute to MQM`s leadership which, despite having become the victim of several operations since 90`s and also having lost thousands of its workers and supporters, displayed its political maturity. It, instead of giving any call of storming the CM House, observing civil disobedience or fighting with the law-enforcement agencies, focused on politically preparing people all over the country for a real revolution. Similarly, thanks to God that it was Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri whose party became the victim of the Model Town massacre. Had all that happened to PTI, God forbids, we would have seen complete anarchy throughout the country as retaliation from Imran Khan.

To tell the truth, a good leader takes his followers to the destination by avoiding the obstacles or difficulties on the way which can harm his followers. The Quid-e-Azam is the best example of a true leadership. Before him, there were two very powerful forces present in the undivided India namely the British government and the Hindu majority. Yet, Muhammad Ali Jinnah very wisely got a separate piece of land for his followers not by militarily defeating them, but by a political process. What if he had ordered his followers to storm the India`s constituent Assembly or the Viceroy`s House for snatching the Muslims` rights?

Despite having the best example of the founder of Pakistan for him, why is IK going in the opposite direction? “Captain” needs to keep this fact in his mind that there more than 2.5 million applications long pending in the Pakistani courts for seeking justice. If they too, like him, start showing their retaliations over the injustice they have faced, Pakistan would definitely head towards the Banana state.

Also according to the media report, Pakistani economy has already suffered of loss over 400 billion rupees by now. In addition to this, like the IMF delegation, the President of Sri Lanka has also canceled his scheduled visit to Pakistan that is certainly an awkward moment for Pakistan. Therefore, PTI and PAT both should have flexibility in their stands so that a way out can be taken. On the other hand, if the prevailing turmoil worsens, our home land would be in great danger for which Imran Khan would be equally responsible.

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