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People and long marches

Why is it that when we want to bring a change in Pakistan, people have to suffer it? Situation in Pakistan is critical and it is people who are facing difficulties due to these two marches.

Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri are very busy in politics of Pakistan. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri wants a total change in the system of Pakistan while Imran Khan wants PM to resign in. Well, we all know about revolution march and azadi march which are held by those leaders. I want to ask the readers, do you think that this suffering of people can lead to a positive change in Pakistan? Are these sufferings useful?

When I say people, yes I mean women and children.

These marches started on 14th August and it has now been several days since people are standing outside on streets. People are suffering out on the streets. They have stood outside in rain and bad weather. I don’t have any good feeling about the children who are part of these march’s. They are getting fever because of the bad weather and rain. Why do we take children along in march’s? I personally think that it should be banned for children to take part in. March’s and demonstrations are not for kids.

Every human has his/her basic needs which have to be fulfilled. Some of those needs are food, water etc. People on march’s are not getting their basic needs fulfilled so easily. They are not getting enough sleep. They are not getting proper food easily. Toilets are not available on that area where these two march’s are taking places.

On the other hand, people in Islamabad who are not a part of these two march’s, are also suffering. Traffic is blocked and this leads to the scenario where people cannot reach to their jobs and work so easily. I heard an interview from a labor in Islamabad and he said that it takes him more than two hours to get to job where it took about twenty minutes before. Here we see that how many people in Islamabad are suffering because of these two march’s. Blocking of roads and placing of containers on several places in Islamabad is causing many problems. My question to you is who is guilty for this? Leaders, politics or marches?

After so much suffering and difficult situations which people are facing, do you think that these two march’s can bring a positive change in Pakistan? Do you think that these marches will lead to a good result? I am not answering these questions. I am asking these questions from you.

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